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Saturday, January 2, 2010

One little word... for the past few years I've joined in on Ali Edwards focus on one word for the upcoming year, something that encompasses what I want to achieve for the year ahead. Initially it's tough to choose one word, but when you find that word it just speaks to you. Previous words for me: 2007- focus, 2008 - change, and 2009 - adapt.
Adapt: I'm a planner you see, I like schedules, I like routine, but life has a way of just slapping you in the face and changing everything so my goal is to deal and adapt. Other ways this word is apt for 2009 are: adapting my schedule to allow time for working out, adapting my diet to eat healthier, adapting my style to step outside my 'box' and try new things. 
How right that was for 2009! I lost 30lbs and lots of inches. Gained fitness qualifications and my design career took some interesting turns in 2009 as usually happens in this industry. I do find that I am more open to change now and adapting my life around it. I still don't like the not knowing phase and would rather plan things out, but being open to adapting my life is much easier than fighting it!.

 In 2010 all those words above are still very apt for my life and I've found lots of words I like in Ali's 2009 list of words from her blog readers, all of the following spoke to me for one reason or another...
  • adventure
  • create
  • connect
  • commit
  • discover
  • energy
  • enjoy
  • happy
  • nourish
  • nurture
  • reconnect

but my one little word for 2010 is: balance

It has lots of meaning but basically encompasses everything in my goals for 2010 set out below. Every year,  I make goals. I am making myself accountable and setting some goals for 2010 here on the ol' blog

take more ME/US time - this is more one for Bob than it is for me but he knows he needs to take time off, work less and have more ME/US time. We need to find a balance between house/dogs/work/and us... which leads to

get out more - We bought the RV and decided we like the lifestyle and have plans to get out and about in the RV in 2010. I hope to make an album for our RV trips to document the whole thing, get a resource book together of places we've been and in general for us to get out and about more and enjoy the country we've moved to. Again it's the balance between the work vs play :)

document life more - already mentioned above but I realized I haven't really documented our lives that much since I'm not on so many design teams anymore. I'd rather make cards than do scrapbook layouts but I need to print those photo's off and actually make layouts. Heck even if it's just a blog post I'd be happy! The balance between creating for fun, and creating for design teams is sometimes lost. I need to find the time to get more creative.

take more photographs - Previous years I've said I wanted to not document things as much and LIVE the moments more. Well this one kinda backfired on me as I lived the moments so much I didn't have any photo's from the events! Need to get back into the habit of taking photo's regularly, which leads to balancing the living vs the documenting

Continue with fitness - finding balance between weights, cardio and flexibility training. I have some fitness goals for the year ahead but first I need to recover from an injury and take some time to get back into the fitness routine (and routine in general) after being out the game for 2 weeks over the holidays. I find fitness routines are continually changing and especially so with the seaons so this is something I need to balance in the year ahead.

There are more goals I set each quarter which are more habit forming than anything, but these are my 5 focus oriented goals for 2010!

What's your one little word for 2010?

Also do you set yourself any goals for the upcoming year?

Happy New Year everyone!!!



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