To do lists and focus!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Its getting smaller! yay! I still have TONS of work to do but the list IS shrinking and that is the main thing! Today I am working on some digital stuff, mostly kit making but we'll see where it leads me. I got a digital layout done yesterday (will share on the 7th) along with a few other projects. I sent my Boxer entry in, and the remaining cards I made that didn't make my entry I submitted to Ready Set Create and they got picked up for the Feb/Mar issue! Yay! I also got 3 cards and 1 layout picked up by scrapstreet this week! All good!

I got my Aezine from Ali Edwards in my inbox this week. In the newsletter she asked us all to pick a word to focus on throughout 2007.

Since I received the newsletter I've been thinking about it and wow I have so many words to choose from, so much I want to DO this year, so much I want to TRY, yet remain BALANCED. I want to CREATE more, not just scrapbooking but photography and other crafts. I want to CHALLENGE myself to TRY new things and experiences. I want to get ORGANISED and have a tidy environment. To do all that I need to FOCUS! Focus on the NOW. So my chosen word is Focus. I have so much I want to acheive in 2007 I need to focus on one thing at a time, not get side-tracked and plan my steps to acheive that goal! Focus!
Thanks Ali! Great newsletter!


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