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Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the past years my one little word has helped so much to keep me on track for the year. Previous years words have been: focus, change, adapt and balance... this year sees more of a proactive stance as my word is ACHIEVE.

As with previous years the word found me more than me searching for it. I have SO MUCH I want to do this year and being slightly ADD I get sidetracked easily so this year is the year I achieve, and stop procrastinating. 2010 brought MANY changes in my life and 2011 will see those changes blossom and grow into an even bigger and brighter career. Also there are many home, and personal goals I want to achieve this year so my word seemed to encompass a lot of things with the main priority of getting things DONE!

I have an accountability partner who has chosen this journey with me, although she is working in a different field the goal of this OLW challenge is to keep each other on track and focussed. As such I thought it would be interesting to see if I am more likely to keep up with things if I posted a monthly goals list here on the blog, then updated weekly or monthly to see how I did. So onwards to January's list

  • HABIT - to-do list EVERY DAY
  • Decide on easy facebook url for fitness page
  • get business cards done for classes, promoting website/FB/twitter
  • Supercross (8th)
  • Survive first week/month back at work
  • listen to the CPT lectures #2 and fill out forms
  • post on fitness site 5x week
  • 19th - charity donation (got one box already! Bob is on board for donating more too)
  • buy 1 new music CD - 130bpm for step/power pump
  • listen to the CPT lectures #3 and fill out forms
  • get promo photo's done - group fitness
  • sell Scrapbook supplies I don't use (sizzix stuff etc)
  • sell old bra's on ebay (almost new!)
  • get group fitness promo pack done and apply to more gyms etc
  • get group fitness website done (
  • AFAA Yoga Workshop 22nd - get cover
  • Get Boxer projects done for tradeshow and ready to mail (16 cards, 4 layouts)
  • Do article for February
  • Do article for March
  • attend Fitness Expo in LA (30th)
  • PROJECT - OVERHAUL my office! Fitness business based rather than crafts! Need space to work on routines/exercises and get video's done in here if possible!
    • Tidy desk
    • filing cabinet cleared
    • closet organized
    • tidy table
    • floor pile cleared
    • sewing table stored in closet
    • purge SB supplies (again! ruthless!!!)
    • move embellishments to shelves
    • move 1 desk out completely!!! 
    • transition stuff onto ONE desk
    • paint walls?
    • shorten blinds
    • Add curtains?
    • Bookcase in corner?
    • make dog beds for dogs

    I figure that's a good start :)


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