Errand day!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

So today was run-around day! We did some chores in the morning, followed by running around delivering cards/gifts in the afternoon. Still have a couple of cards left to give out, and a gift to find/make but all in all were looking good now for Christmas. Actually wrapped some presents today too! One thing I do like about this season is present wrapping! Love the bows, and the frills.

On the kit club front I have narrowed it down to about 10, looking to see whats happening for the Jan kits before I commit. I really like scrapologie but then I find out that after Jan they won't be offering a choice of kits anymore. I really want a choice cos I don't like a lot of froofroo or kiddy stuff BUT at the same time I should be thinking "outside the box"! But I really like a few of the other ones too. Decisions Decisions!


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