Card Sketch Week 13

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New card sketch this week! This weeks card is nice and simple with an oversized alpha. Remember though that the alpha is just a suggestion, you can use whatever element you want, maybe a quote would work well too? Remember to check out my digital store for limited time template freebies.

I decided to use some products on my scraptable, these papers were scraps from a calendar from 2009. The papers were too pretty to throw away so I used what I could to make a few cards!

Supplies: Papers & Stickers: Stampin'Up; Flowers: Prima; Rhinestones: Sulyn; Alpha Sticker: American Crafts;

"Happy Birthday" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Card blank ~ eco craft; Cardstock, ribbon, flowers ~ from stash; Embossing folder ~ Cuttlebug; Sequin flower centre – Prima; Stamp ~ Stamping Bella

"Happy Birthday" card by Lizzy Davidson
Supplies: magnolia stamp painted image, punched border, martha stewart punch lacy border. spotty paper unknown. happy birthday epoxy sticker by paper mania.

"F is for Fun" card by Pearl Liu
supplies: Scenic Route cardstock sticker, Prima flowers  & bling , Chelley Bean Designs Felt flower , American Crafts' Flair button , Prima papers , Martha Stewart Pinked Scalloped border punch , DCWV cardstock.



Finding time for cardmaking

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wow March turned out a lot busier than I first anticipated! I started with 2 classes a week then went up to 4 some weeks, and ended up with a total of 14 classes for the month! Plus April is pretty much looking the same way, busy busy busy! With fitness stuff, my new fitness blog and trying to get our taxes done (met with accountant today, yay!) I barely seem to find time anymore to do anything creative. It hasn't helped that we also decided to declutter and are having a total house clear out resulting in so far 4 big boxes for charity collection, plus other items non-boxed! All I ask is for one extra hour in the day just to sit and play with pretty papers!!! 

I created a couple of new cards but they promptly got swooped for publication at Ready Set Create so I'll share those once I'm allowed (May time) or check out the April/May edition of Ready Set Create. Thankfully I have some cards I hadn't shared yet, so here are a few cards for a little creative inspiration for the week :)

Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Paper: Autumn Leaves; Flower: Prima; Brad: Creative Imaginations; Rub-on: one heart... one mind; Ink: ATB


Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Paper: Autumn Leaves; Flower: Prima; Brad: Creative Imaginations; Rub-on: one heart... one mind; Ink: ATB

Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Paper: Autumn Leaves; Flower: Prima; button: Misc; Rub-on: one heart... one mind; 

I also just got my copy of Just Cards magazine Vol 17 and have a couple of cards in there that I hope to scan and share soon :)

Wish me luck that I find an hour or two to create now that taxes are out of my hands!!!



New Blog is up and running!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I sent out my newsletter this week stating that I would be blogging at a different site in future for all my personal/fitness stuff and leaving this blog as a designing/crafting blog. Well the new blog is live now, not completely satisfied with the layout and I need to change the banner still but hey I have somewhere to post my fitness things independant of this crafty blog. If you want to check it out you can find me at:

First few days of posts are up, so check it out, bookmark it and/or sign up in a reader


Card Sketch Wk 12

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 14 and time for a flipside card sketch. That's where we take the previous weeks sketch and flip, turn, rotate and alter to make a new card design. Last weeks sketch is in the upper left of the flipside, you can see how turning, rotating and changing the card size/format can change a cards layout into a whole new design.

For this week I chose the design in the upper right, but also flipped it again horizontally. I chose to add some little stickers on the upper left of the card as I felt it needed 'something' there, now it feels balanced.

Supplies: Papers & Stickers: Stampin'Up; Stamps: Studio G; Die cut: K&Co

A new sketch coming next week!



Weekend Inspiration!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Man I am so inspired lately! Lots going on in my life and so much inspiration from EVERYWHERE and for multiple areas of my life.

First up is Eddie Izzard. I love his comedy (if you haven't seen it go rent a DVD or check him out youtube) but wow - He has run 43 marathons in 51 days!!! All for Sport Relief a UK charity. FORTY THREE marathons! That was pretty much one marathon a day for 6 days with 1 day off, repeated for 7 weeks. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I was running last year and managed to make it up to 6 miles till some knee issues/injury and illness, but imagine running 26.2 miles then getting up and doing it again, and again, and again and again and again then finally getting a rest day. WOW! Totally inspiring...

A lot of the fitness instructors at the gym are runners. Mary ran a marathon last weekend, and Julie is running the Los Angeles marathon today. I was talking to one of my class members yesterday morning, an older gentleman who said he's done two marathon. Here I am not done one. I have always wanted to do one, maybe I'll start training again for distance and see how I go?

Next how about making your own yoga pants? I love these things, so comfy for everyday wear, but also great for classes especially yoga/pilates (though for tough workouts I prefer shorts). As you can imagine I get through a few pairs of workout shorts/pants and have a pile that I need to alter, but this is an awesome idea to use existing clothes that fit as a pattern for making new items of clothing!

I have one pair of Champion Sprint pants that I LOVE which bit the dust back in January but I placed them in my 'scrap/sew' pile to use as a future dog bed filler and now I can use them as a pattern too!

Wow so much I want to do this weekend! Where to start first?



Fitness Friday - tip #5 happy exercise

Friday, March 19, 2010

Here is another installment of tips and tricks to losing weight and keeping it off, the healthy and long term way Remember the previous weeks tips:
and this weeks tip is

Find a form of exercise you LOVE to do - your happy workout
One secret to long term health is diet AND exercise. It's not an either/or, both are necessary to health. As such it's vital to find a form of exercise you absolutely love to do, because if you love it, you'll do it more often right? I've heard plenty of people say they hate exercise but I really think it's just a case that they haven't found the right exercise. Remember sports and dance are exercise, as is walking/hiking etc. Think about activities you do and active things you enjoy. Heck even sex is exercise ;) Just don't count on it to burn as many calories as say running.

New exercise classes seem to pop up every other month it seems, whether belly dance classes, bollywood inspired classes, spinning, kickboxing, Zumba, turbo kick, Bosu or step class variations there are usually some new formats on your gym studio schedule. Don't get stuck in a rut, try some new classes to see if you can find your soulmate workout.

Remember though that once you find that perfect workout, don't let it be the ONLY exercise you do. Cross training is very important in burning calories,  avoiding boredom, and preventing plateaus. You can have too much of a good thing. I usually let these 'happy' workouts be my reward workouts after doing boring stuff like lifting weights. Don't get me wrong I love to lift weights but it doesn't make me happy like say... a good choreographed step/bosu class... or kickin' booty in kickboxing. If you love Zumba for example that's great, go for it, but remember you STILL need to add some resistance training in there too!

So what's your happy workout?



Thursday rambles

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Morning! Just a quickie post to let you all know what I've been up to lately. Yesterday was a fun day and something new for me. I taught two classes yesterday, 9.30am kickboxing then went back later for 5pm Bosu. I cannot believe I used to teach 6 classes a day back in England (I taught 25 a week regularly). I didn't feel tired yesterday but the travel and the showering, clothing changes, bags etc, just a lot to take in for one day when you're not used to it. I'm sure I will get used to it all again :) Though I don't plan on teaching anywhere near as many classes, certainly not 25 a week, unless they are all super easy ones like maybe when I start teaching yoga/pilates (one of my plans for 2010). Not that yoga or pilates are easy, but it's more teaching than doing. Less physical output for the instructor and more hands on. Hoping to get some personal training going too so that should help also!

Loving having the webcam, so quick and easy for taking pics! I love Nike workout clothing, can't beat it really. Dri-fit rocks! I used Nike Dri-fit back when I was teaching in England when it was pretty new and I still love it. Just wicks the sweat away leaving you feeling dry but still looking like you worked out :)

We have a new recipe book in the house! This is one we'd both heard lots about, I'd seen lots of veg blogs recommending it and when Bob was up in San Fransisco he bought us a copy. Veganomincon - the ultimate vegan cookbook. We're not vegans, we're vegetarians but still always good to get new ideas!

As you can see Bob already went through the book and marked all the things he wants to try first. Looking like lots of new recipes in our future! I am especially looking forward to trying the banana-nut waffles on Sunday morning for brunch! Must make a shopping list!!!

I follow a few veg blogs, both vegan and vegetarian and one of the things that surprises people is that even instructing 25 classes a week back in England, yes I was vegetarian. Seriously we don't NEED to eat meat, it's a choice. I have a TON of energy. I workout daily, walk the dogs 3x a day and this week I am teaching 4 classes. And yes you CAN be vegan and be an athlete, more on that soon though :)

Another book I am reading right now is "the work from home handbook - flex your time, improve your life". I am on chapter 6 and honestly so far not much in it for me. Hoping that chapter 6 on freelancing holds more information. I guess if you work in an office or something right now this could be more useful?

Next on my to-do list is:

Read "Self-employed tax solutions : quick, simple, money-saving, audit-proof tax and recordkeeping basics for the independent professional."

Do the "Billy Blanks: Tae Bo fat blasting cardio" - it's research really. I watch/do these workouts and if I pick up ONE thing from them that I can use or adapt for my classes then it's helpful. Plus sometimes I just need to switch off and workout myself.

Make something!!! I have 5 cards half done on my scraptable and lots of paper scraps. Either make something with them or just throw them away, seriously!

Go to the library switch out books/DVDs 

Go grocery shopping armed with list for veganomicon recipes. Hopefully make 1 or 2 new things each week. Tuesday we made veggie tacos. Just some Trader Joes taco shells with black beans, chorizo (veggie), lettuce, tomato, mushroom, daiya cheese and ranch. Almost vegan (except for the ranch though I could have used veganaise or vegan sour cream). Still delish though I could have eaten them without the chorizo and still enjoyed them.

I've never been one for mexican food, but I actually enjoyed these. Maybe it was the hard taco shells that helped rather than the regular wrap style ones? I dunno but these were pretty tasty.



Card Sketch Wk 11

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New card sketch today! Something a little different with this one with some layers and windows. This would be great for sentiment panels or perhaps even photo's! Remember to check out my digital store for limited time template freebies.

For my card this week I chose to use scraps of papers on my scraptable. The papers for this card were originally a calendar from 2009. I simply re-purposed them for this card. I love recycling and reusing. I'm not sure you can tell from the photo that well but the die cut is glittery :)

"Best Wishes" by Di Hickman
Supplies: Papers: Stampin'Up; Cardstock: DCWV; Stamp: Michaels $1 stamps; Die Cut: K&Co;

"Mum" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Papers ~ Bella Blvd “Camped Out”; Alphas ~ American crafts thickers
"For You" by Pearl Liu
supply list : Sassafrass Lass Cherrylicious pp , Jenni Bowlin Homespun Chic pp , CuttleBug damask embossed flourishes

"Eat Desert First" card by Lizzy Davidson
supply list pink paper by k and co, chocolate neopolitain, other paper by paper mill, cupcakes stamps by papertrey. stickles glue

"Happy Anniversary"" card by Chrys Rose
Supplies: Basic Grey paper and chipboard; Bazzill cardstock; glitter; Paperhouse rub ons;

"Happy Birthday" card by Linda Flinders

Remember to check back next week for the flipside sketch!



Vlog post - blasts from the past 2008

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just thought I'd share today some footage of when we went to Warner Springs Ranch back in Sept 2008 to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Warner Springs is a hot springs resort. We stayed there for 3 days and did the whole relaxation thing, hot spring baths, horseriding, walks around the golf course (with the dogs) and we also went for a ride in a glider. The hot springs were definitely the best thing though!

I'm uploading another horseriding video, plus a video of us up in a glider, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Thankfully no footage or photo's of me being sick in the glider (ewww). Yeah I was fine through the whole thing till we just started going round, and round, and round the mountains. I'm weird I admit it, Rollercoasters I can deal with, buses however I get travel sick on. It's the constant motion I think. Anyways the heat and confined space didn't help either. Still, it's something we'll remember forever!

Seems strange to look at this and think that the clothes I wore then are now HUGE on me. Also looking at my arms and seeing no muscle definition looks weird now. This was a few months before I started back on my fitness journey (Dec 2008) so I was probably around 148lbs here.

Gonna be dragging up some other video footage to post as soon as I find it!



Monday Musings

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well things are back to normal this week, whatever normal is anymore! Chatting on Skype with Bob last week made me appreciate the value of the internet a whole lot more, and making the most of it in the future. That was one of the reasons for trying out the vlog post on Friday and hopefully going to be doing more of those soon :) Though hopefully next time my room will be tidier hopefully, lol! Though I think the craft table will always be a mess, sign of a creative mind right? Speaking of crafts here is a card I made over the weekend whilst tidying up. Hoping to get it up on Etsy this week when I get a spare minute.

Supplies: Papers & Stickers: Rusty Pickle; Misc Buttons & Cardstock; Boxer Scrapbook Stamp;

This morning I taught Bosu class. Have to say I am LOVING Bosu. Possibly even more than step, those that know me know I LOVE me some step so that's a HUGE thing for me to admit :) Just so many more possibilities with a Bosu. I'll be covering Grace's 5pm Bosu class on Wednesday too so double Bosu this week! Wednesday will also be a double exercise day as I teach Kickboxing in the morning... first time doing a double class the same day so that will be interesting. At least they aren't back to back (yet)!

This afternoon I'm back into the fray, and into my office closet. I have a TON of stuff I'll be donating at the end of the month. Most of this is organizing, purging, and sitting down and thinking "do I NEED all this stuff" and "is this making me happy"? If the answer is "no", then out it goes!

On a side note, I am drinking a LOT of water today and have a tickley throat. Praying it's allergies and not a cold/flu... I'm fit and healthy and haven't been sick since September but Bob did just travel by airplane and we all know those things are a haven for picking up bugs :( Allergies I can deal with, I have some lovely pink pills for that...

Happy Monday everyone!



Saturday Special

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good morning! Bob is back in the da house! Yay! Albeit after a 3 hour flight delay, but he's here. It's been so freakin' quiet here! I've not really got as much done around the house as I'd hoped but it was a CRAZY week. Taught three classes, went to a movie preview and basically spent time organizing and decluttering as well as chatting to Bob on Skype. Are you all using Skype? Man it's AWESOME! Especially for long distance chatting, like the phone but with video! Awesomesauce! Anyway yeah that 5 days just flew by!

And today it's SATURDAY! ALREADY! For the folks in England you know what Saturday is right? Yep Saturday is Tiswas day! Wow used to love that on Saturday mornings, dating myself here, lol, Phantom Flan Flinger and all, oh and the dying fly of course. Anyways here is a little creativeness for you for the weekend! Just a card using the new Boxer chipboard and flowers...

Supplies: Paper, Chipboard, flowers: Boxer; Cardstock: DCWV; Photo corner: 3L

Also remember I'll be blogging and vlogging in future! Did you see yesterdays trial run? Let me know of any topics you want me to vlog about, I'll take requests ;) I'm also going through some of our files as we have some home movies I can clip to put on youtube/facebook :) Love social media!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Operation Office Organization Underway!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Afternoon all! It's OOO time! That's operation office organization!!! Just taking a break for some random silliness :) If you know me IRL you'll know I don't take life too seriously, no matter the situation things are ALWAYS made better with some humor. That's my belief anyway, hence the damn laughter lines (they aren't wrinkles!) forming around my eyes :) Too much laughing :)

So after a pathetic attempt to clear out my scrapbook paper (I purged a 3" stack truly pathetic) I am onto sorting out the closet and wow the treasures you find in there! It's like Santa's grotto! Or Shreks grotto? We got these 'Shrek ears' at E3 many years ago, been in a box in the closet since, gonna see if I can get some pics of the dogs wearing these, scrapbook layout waiting to happen there I think :)

Ok since I've been using Skype all week to chat with Bob whilst he's been away at GDC in San Fransisco I've become quite fond of chatting to a webcam so I am gonna try Vlogging again. Someone hold me to this! Below is a test of different video options, let me know which format you prefer, blogger video or YouTube! First up is bloggers video embedding, test, test, 1,2...

For YouTube junkies here is the same vid on youtube. I plan on making a few more of these Vlogs addicting, and sooo much quicker than typing :)

If you want you can subscribe to my youtube channel, whatever that means :) I think it means you get email updates as soon as I upload them? Not 100% sure on that one.

I've been trying to streamline things, linking things all up to the same email account so lots of things getting done.

Also if anyone is in the Simi Valley area and wants a load of free craft supplies email me! I have a tote full of paper, stamps, punches, and general crafting stuff.

Ok back into the depths of the office closet for me!



Boxer Published Cards

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today I thought I'd share a couple of cards published in the latest edition of Ready Set Create magazine. The February/March issue is packed with seasonal ideas, design team inspiration, as well as reader layouts and projects. Check it out at

When the submissions we're being accepted I was playing bigt ime with the newest Boxer products I'd received so it was only natural that I'd be using Boxer products for my submissions for this issue. This card below features the newest papers and stamps from Boxer. Love the paisley and matching striped paper.


I decided to work on a St Patrick's Day card for this issue using Boxer papers too, this one features the green gingham paired with the shamrock paper. One of my "go to" designs for scraps, but I do love it. Works everything regardless of card theme!


More projects coming soon!



Card Sketch March

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks sketch, and here it is as a reminder for those that missed it here it is again :)

As part of the new card sketches I'm doing a new sketch one week then a flipside sketch the week after, which is essentially the same sketch flipped, rotated, and/or mirrored. I think this shows the sketches in more versatility. So here is the first flipside sketch:

Even just changing one small embellishment placement, flipping the sketch or changing the size format can totally change the look of a card design which is why I wanted to do this in the first place. That and I get to relax a little every other week :) as I only have to create brand new sketches every two weeks instead of weekly. Anyways here is my flipside sketch for this week, no sketch girls for this week, giving them a week off too so I again have less work to do ;) 

Supplies: Papers: Stampin'Up & Rusty Pickle; label: colorbok; Misc button

Teaching kickboxing this morning, make your card kick butt!



Etsy Store - Update for Easter!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time for an Etsy store update! I've been busy lately with some Rusty Pickle papers and miscellaneous matching embellishments. One of the lines I've been working with featured some Easter stickers so I figured it was a good time to make some Easter cards!

First up is "Easter so longer for, is gone in a day" card. This card is standard invitation size (5.5" x 4.25") folded portrait format. The papers and cardstock are all sanded and the cardstock is from core-dinations so there is a blue core in the brown cardstock (love their cardstock). Beautiful rub-ons and a suede flower from Prima.


Next is "Thanks Easter Bunny" card . Great for post-Easter greetings, especially for the kids to send to the Grandparents! Again this card is distressed with the sanding technique. Beautiful flourish rub-ons, and embellished with floral shaped rhinestones.


Perfect for kids is this "Hippity Hoppity" card. Nice and simple design with real ribbon knotted and stapled for extra sturdiness. I love the sentiment on this one! Great for Easter Egg hunts I think!!!


Lastly is a "Chocolate" card that could be  used for Easter for any occasion really :) Chocolate never needs an occasion or holiday, that's what I say anyway ;) This card features sanded brads, a beautiful Prima flower, rhinestone, spiral clip and ribbon. Great for a friend, children or just a 'thinking of you' card!


More Etsy updates soon! Don't forget to check out my Etsy store for more designs!



Monday Musings

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wow what a week, what a weekend! So much to talk about... where to start... get comfy it's gonna be a long one!!!

I am now teaching two classes a week at Moorpark Athletic Club so come along and try it out: Monday 8.30am Bosu & Wednesday 9.30am Kickboxing :) Loving every minute of it!!! I am also sometimes there in the week covering other classes, but I'll teaching these whist Nikki is on maternity leave.

Last Wednesday I discovered I need to start paying closer attention to my calorie burn, workouts, eating and scheduling. Normally I do my class, have a protein shake, go grocery shopping, walk the dogs and then have lunch. Well last week I got such a dip in energy levels after walking the dogs - it was horrid. I actually had to go lie down. I guess I need more fuel after the kickboxing class! So I'm switching things up and taking a Clif bar for a post workout snack instead of the protein shake. It has slightly more cals, more carbs and well honestly it'll be easier to carry too! lol! I love these Clif Builders, 20g of protein (good for resistance days) and just 270 cals. Perfect for post workout! Especially for on the go :)

Clif Builder's Bar, Protein Bar, Chocolate Mint, 2.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

The regular Clif bars have 10g of protein and slightly lower cals, but I love them all, the choc brownie bar is yummy! These are pretty hardcore though, most people won't need these for a post workout snack, I guess I'm just pushing harder now. It really made me think about the workouts, eating and all that good stuff, and how I need to start paying better attention to stuff! I also need to get back to lifting heavy a couple of times a week for sure! Missing the push-ups and pull-ups! Must start doing P90X a couple of times a week, I bet Tony has missed me ;)

I'm Certified!
I passed! Everyone jump up down and celebrate! I passed my AFAA kickboxing certification exam :) I took the course back in mid February but it takes a few weeks to get your results. I was kinda quietly confident but you just never know, and as my first exam and course in the USA it's always tough that first time with nerves and getting back to learning! Anyway this means I now hold all FOUR AFAA certifications :) Quadruple threat!!! Here I am with my newest certificate:

I took this with my webcam, why did I not think of this before? This will make things so much easier!!! I still haven't figured out WHERE the darn thing stores pics on my computer but I can click the 'email to' button and just email it to myself and go from there, lol! Wow I look terrible without makeup! And red faced too! In my defense I was just out the shower after a workout lol!

We had dinner out with friends on Saturday (triple celebration of new jobs, promotion and my exam results) so we had much food, much conversation and the obligatory iPhone pics!

Dan, Bob, Me, Kass

Me post curry and beer consumption. First curry in a LOOOOONG while and it was goooood!
Bob not so full of curry, he ate in moderation to stay on his diet plan :)
 Dan and Bob having the usual iPhone photo exchange

And so that brings me to....

All by myself... (sing it Brigitte Jones style!) don't wanna be.... all by myself... anymore!!! Ha, go on you know you wanna sing it and the song will be in your head for DAYS! This week is going to be a weird one. Bob is away this week attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and so I am on my own Mon-Fri. What to do with myself? Well aside from work - DECLUTTER! I plan on totally blitzing my office and hopefully some of the house too :) Enough is enough!

Wish me luck!!!