Fitness Friday - tips n tricks #3

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here is another installment of tips and tricks to losing weight and keeping it off, the healthy and long term way Remember the previous weeks tips:
and this weeks tip is

Tip #3 Accountability
Some of us do great working out alone, I personally am one of those people. I do great battling against myself to beat my personal best, other people however need a challenge and that's where an accountability buddy comes in. How many times have you started out on a fitness plan only to stop week 3? Or just cut down drastically? and then you don't get the results so you stop altogether and put even more weight on? Sound familiar. Well then perhaps get an accountability buddy!

When I was younger my friend Jen and I worked out together. I was her accountability buddy. We went to aerobics class every Monday evening, then the gym on Friday morning (with steam/sauna after to reward ourselves) and we usually worked out one other time in the week by ourselves. I see this all the time in my classes and in the local gyms. Soccer Moms pair up and hit the gym, sisters pair up and go to kickboxing class. It's easy to blow off a gym session or outdoor run if it's just you, but if your buddy is at the gym waiting for you then you are accountable. This doesn't have to be an in person thing though you can do the same thing online. It's easier to blow off the session and lie about it without being found out, but the numbers at the end of the week won't lie! So don't do it!

Another aspect to the buddy system is that some people work better with competition. Bob is one of those people. His buddy is working out and wants to lose weight so Bob is even more motivated now so that his buddy doesn't overtake him! A little competition can be a healthy thing!

One thing I notice more and more is people (including me) updating twitter or facebook with your exercise goals/successes. Livestrong,com even allows you to update facebook and twitter automatically if you have everything linked in your settings. Just enter your exercise, and duration and click, done! Not only does this hold you accountable for your exercise but it inspires others to do the same and up off the couch!

So there, we have it, tip #3 accountability


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