Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I finished an altered tin today, its for a competition at scrappersgalore AND its for a special someone who reads my blog so not posting it! I have to do a mini album for it also, using the chloes closet papers from scrapologie Jan kit too! Super nice papers and ribbons! So this is a card for a friend on 2peas who is going through some rough times right now. Loving the autumn leaves paper! Rub-ons are Joanns.

Ok quick update to add this card, submitted to the card mag call for july/aug edition. Love the chloes closet papers! I'm not normally a pink kinda gal but I do love these. I think its the mixture of pinks and browns. Anyway this is one of a few submissions I made to the call, fingers crossed!

Update: pink thanks card published in Ready Set Create Dec/Jan 07


The Altered Scrappers

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Altered Scrappers found this site this morning and wow great challenges! Kinda like the Effers but altered ;) Definately gonna try to do some of the challenges! Get me thinking more creatively. On that note I can't wait till mid March to show K her birthday gift!
Plus I really should get some of those effer dares done too!



Sunday, February 26, 2006

So I've been thinking alot the last 24 hours about projects I want to do for end of the month competitions and submissions. The first one today is this card for friend at 2peas who lost her father recently. I wanted something uplifting yet subdued. I have to say I am really enjoying card making lately! And altered projects.
Yesterday we bought a TON of photo paper and I've been busy trying it out :) So I have a ton of photo's to scrap. My main mission lately is to get "stuff" in my gallery for potential design teams. I was looking at some blogs yesterday for ispiration, wow there are some talented people about.


March Coming!

It'll soon be March and a new month marks a new kit from scrapologie! Wowsers this one is awesome! Yummy A2Z papers and the alphas look amazing! Ranjini does fantastic kits! I'm so happy I joined scrapologie! Now to decide which add ons to get! This kit is DEFINATELY my style! I struggled a little with the last two, mainly cos one was pink and well I don't "DO" pink, and the Feb one was bohemian chic and its not my usual style. BUT thats what getting a kit was all about for me! Breaking out into new things and trying new papers and techniques that I wouldn't normally try. Definately looking forward to this one! Full list of items:
Kit Contents:
(All cardstock and paper are 12" x 12")
12 sheets of Groovy Patterned Papers from a2z Essentials (2 each of six double-sided patterns)
2 sheets Bazzill Green Tea
2 sheets Bazzill Lily White
2 sheets Bazzill Beetle Black
2 sheets Bazzill Jetstream

1 American Crafts Kennedy Stickers - color set two
1 a2z essentials Groovy Diecuts
1 package Lil Davis Designs chipboard frames in green
4 American Crafts brads in medium blue
4 American Crafts brads in black
3 Making Memories Charmed Enamels - "Thank You"
1 SEI Kinda Bold Stickers - Black
1 Heidi Swapp Fuzzy Rub-ons - Travel
6 Gin-X Coaster Flowers - Raw White
1 May Arts Ribbon - Black and White Polka Dot
1 American Crafts Ribbon - Green and White polka dot
1 American Crafts Ribbon - sky blue and white flowers
2 diecut large photo corners - black
2 diecut large photo corners - sky blue

Just so I remember for submissions!


2 layouts.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

..done this morning! The first I can't show ya cos its for a competition. But I can say that its about fashion, has pics of ME! *shock* and has handjournalling, handcut arrows and my favorit paper - christina cole!
The other one is for the midmonth challenge at Scrapologie. Theme: Scrap the one thing you think plays the greatest role in your day to day life. I chose to do this layout.
I fluffed around with it for ages, pushing around fibres, ribbons, epoxy stickers, flowers and in the end I left it as is.. bare. The odd thing is this is the 2nd attempt at this layout, I had it all layed out in my head. But the first one I foam stamped on. I liked the look but it was too messy for my graphic linear self. I'm getting very into list just lately, and putting cardstock off centre.

Edit: I ought to add that the white outline is just there for show, so that it pops off this black backgound, cos the first upload you couldn't really tell the background was black.


This is a test!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ok been putting a banner up there (looky up there!) and hopefully I didn't break anything! I still dunno how to get rid of that other dang header thingy though! HELP!

Edit: Oh Yeah! I am the html queen! LOL!


What have I been doing?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Making plans! Laura @ dream elevator has been urging us to organise ourselves in order to get where we want to be both personally and professionally. I already started on the personal stuff earlier this year when I found the cyclediet. Business wise I am slowly getting round to stuff. Do you know I've had a website for my ebay stuff (spotoncreations) for months and done nothing with it? Come to mention it I haven't done any projects for ebay this week. I applied for a Design Team that I got a little heads up on (thanks Alsmom!). I have my submissions notebook here on the table, all up to date and ready for me to start work on, thats something! I need to start organising 'business time' though. Sitting down for 15 mins a day and getting that site up and running (its half there). I need business cards, letterheads etc. Also I need cards for ME plus spotoncreations, so I can keep submissions stuff separate. One thing I have noticed is that Scrapbio doesn't always work (maybe its not 100% compatable with firefox?), but instead it redirects you to microsofts msn homepage. I'm wondering whether to include this in spotoncreations or a special dedicated site, maybe trying scrapbook resumes instead? Decisions!
In other news I won the January "outta the box" competition at creatingwithpaper! Whoo!
I'll update later with a marketing plan, promise...


Vegan Lunch Box

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just wanted to say that I LOVE this blog - Vegan Lunch Box. Totally amazing idea's for lunch/snack food. Got the link from Ali's blog a few months ago and been stalking it daily since! That is one lucky schmoo!


From 3 sheets of paper!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I realised something today... from three sheets of 12x12 paper (plus some of my scraps) I created one layout, one LARGE tag, and 9 cards! All using those three sheets, scraps of paper, and existing supplies!


Sweet valentine...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Card I made for Shrigley (well for Alicia really). Rusty pickle papers (scrapologie feb kit). Heidi swap chipboard heart. Heart wine glass charm and toile. Cut the coin holder with my sizzix die. Hey and I even used decorative scissors!!! I think thats a first for me!!!

update: published in Ready Set Create feb/march 2007


SS Simple Inspirations

Sunday, February 12, 2006

This is inspired by a layout in Jan/Feb 06 Simple Scrapbooks magazine by Olga Waywood-Joyce. I have submitted it to SS so hopefully (fingers crossed) they'll want it!

I was drawn to the design of Olga's page, the 4 horizontal stripes. The simplicity of the page. Also, note the lack of embellishments!!! I took this photo in June last year when I got my new camera, and I wanted to include it in my January layout of my gardening album. I plan to do a facing page with orange tree care tips. Each month I will focus on a different area/plant. 15 minutes a day is all it takes!

update: published in Simple Scrapbooks Sept/Oct 2006



Friday, February 10, 2006

So I finally got around to starting a scrapfolio (of sorts). I had a card published back in Summer '05 and I got round to scanning the page and cover of the mag today! Yay, go me! I remember back when I started teaching aerobics the passion for the industry and wanting to promote myself, but in the craft industry its much more challenging as you are competing against EVERYONE, cos they can all mail stuff to magazines. Lots of competition. I have another project (tag) in the spring edition, and I have to find out when my work (paper bag book) was on "" I should have the email somewhere to add dates to my bio. HOF news is that I didn't enter. It was silly to entertain the idea that I'd get all 10 layouts done after new years. Definately entering the next competition though!

Leave you with my scans for my portfolio, Summer cover of CorrespondenceART and my card .


GG challenge - penwork

This was a tough one for me, cos I love my computer but I forced myself to handjournal!

Journalling reads:- "Our garden. Severely neglected but still fighting to grow. How it manages to keep growing when we don't even water it, I'll never know! The hot California sun can be brutal. One of my goals for 2006 is to get this jungle under control! 15 minutes at a time!"
The white border is just there to make the layout stand out, its just a black background.
Rub-ons = MM wasn't brave enough to handwrite the title as well! lol!

Update: published in the upcoming "best of 2006" Scrappy Chick Special Edition


March and mothers

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Mostly over the past few days I've been card making. I have so many birthdays in March its unreal! Plus its Mothers day in the UK in March! So needless to say I need to get ontop of these cards NOW. I have all cards done except my mothers birthday and B's mothers birthday. I'll leave you with a valentine card I quickly made today to send out with my parents weekly letter. Simple yet effective...


Element Quiz

Friday, February 3, 2006

Your Element is Earth

Your power color: yellow

Your energy: balancing

Your season: changing of seasons

Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.


Going postal!

So I had an item to ship out today (size= 6x6") so off I trot to the post office, item and tape, and scissors in hand (plus a preprinted label so I don't have to queue). I get there to find no boxes! I ask and get told that they are no longer stocking them in store! WTH?! So I go to the other post office and find the same! So I now have to order the damn things online for home delivery (25 at a time!). Yeah good going postal service! And to top that off they jacked up the price recently so yeah kinda ticked off at them recently!
Unfortunately that put me in a funk for the rest of the day and other than gardening and dog stuff I got nuthin done! Feeling ok now, but hard to get motivated to do anything. Staring at piles of 'stuff' on the table doesn't help either!


More Cards!

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Decided to make all my cards for March now that its the beginning of February, my way of trying to keep ontop of things. Plus my new plan is to make 2 or 3 of the same card, one to send, one to submit and one for my card emergencies box. If I can make more then thats good right?
We were shopping last night in Target and I see 'handmade' cards in there, very basic, red cardstock with a metal heart charm on them and they were $2.49! Rip off! Good job I make my own huh?! ;) I picked up some adhesive and shaped metal clips in there. We also called at Walmart as I needed glue dots (and got B some of his own! cos I am tired of him taking mine!). Also got lots in their clearance section! Love clearance stuff!


Doggone Expressive!

This is my layout for the challenge at 2peas to use "Expressive Photos". I had been wanting to scrap the halloween photo's I took last year as this one of River just cracks me up! That little tongue just poking out! Too funny! I don't think she was impressed with the monster costume huh?
Layout products:- paw strip = bobunny; alpha Sticker = MM; Foam stamp + paint = MM; Font = arial


Also done today...

...were these cards. For steve, Dave and both Dads. Technically my Dads birthday isn't until July but hey if I'm making one then might as well make two right!
I also 'found' some birthday tags that I should have sent off this week (one birthday is the 5th) so now I'm pissed at myself for getting in this mess of a craftroom! *sigh*