Friday, February 10, 2006

So I finally got around to starting a scrapfolio (of sorts). I had a card published back in Summer '05 and I got round to scanning the page and cover of the mag today! Yay, go me! I remember back when I started teaching aerobics the passion for the industry and wanting to promote myself, but in the craft industry its much more challenging as you are competing against EVERYONE, cos they can all mail stuff to magazines. Lots of competition. I have another project (tag) in the spring edition, and I have to find out when my work (paper bag book) was on "mylifeinascrapbook.com" I should have the email somewhere to add dates to my bio. HOF news is that I didn't enter. It was silly to entertain the idea that I'd get all 10 layouts done after new years. Definately entering the next competition though!

Leave you with my scans for my portfolio, Summer cover of CorrespondenceART and my card .


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