12x12 layout templates for digital scrapbooking

Monday, May 31, 2010

After some thought and input from fellow digital scrapbookers, I am now selling my templates as single individual pages. I have had many emails regarding the templates and how much people love them but either cannot afford to buy a whole bundle or only want one of the templates and don't want to buy the bundle... well now you can buy them individually!!! I’ve started releasing my templates as individual page templates starting with DiAGRAM #1-4 below, as you can see I also had some fun making some layouts along the way ;) Remember all my products are Scrap for Hire OK! The templates are for sale at just $1.25 each, and available at my Scrapwow store and Di Hickman Designs store

First is template #1, This 12×12 template features space for a single focal photograph. Download includes layered PSD and individual PNG files. Each template is reasonably priced at just $1.25!!!

Whilst I was remaking the templates, repackaging and zipping I decided to get a little crafty and make some layouts with the templates! Here is one using the template #1 and a kit I'll be releasing soon.

Template #2 features space for two photo's, but could also substitute one of the photo's for a journaling block!

Again I whipped up another layout using template #2 and my Revitalized kit. This template works great as a filler page, where you don't need any journaling, or you could modify it and add space for a little journaling. Remember my digital products are available at my Scrapwow store and Di Hickman Designs store

Template #3 has room for 3 photo's, a large title area and journaling area. This layout template really has it all. Two smaller photo's and one focal photo, though it could be modified for two 6x4 photo's instead.

For this example layout of template #3 I also used my Summer Fun kit, and some elements (wordart/waves) from an old Summer kit by Heather Ann Designs.

Template #4 features room for one focal photo, a color blocked background and a curved title. The curved title is included as a layer in the PSD file as text on a path.

Again another layout example but this time using subdued papers and elements from my "Feeling Krafty" kit. I think this kit works well with this photo.

Remember the templates and other digital products are available from my Scrapwow store and Di Hickman Designs stores priced at just $1.25



been awol

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apologies for going a little AWOL with the blog posts, things happened here that have turned our lives upside down! Over the last week one of our dogs, Sky, took ill. Last week she was eating grass, throwing up, diarrhea and then bloody diarrhea. Took her to the vets and they checked her over and put her on antibiotics. Then Monday night she started coughing… and over the next two days the coughing got worse. Thursday I canceled my morning run and took Sky to the vets, again. Upon investigation the vet heard the cough coming from deep in Sky’s lungs and wanted to do a chest x-ray so I left my baby there and came home to our other dog River (who was pretty upset and wouldn’t go for lunchtime walks without her playmate!). I called them for the results and the news wasn’t good. Sky has fluid on her lungs due to her heart being enlarged :( The vet diagnosed Congestive Heart Failure. Not the news I was hoping to hear, but we’ll deal with it. Sky sat another couple of hours at the vet whilst they did an EKG and bloodwork to check for any other underlying cause. In the late afternoon I took her home, a doped up sleepy dog now on medication for life.

Friday night she seemed to get over the anesthetic finally and perked up a little, and has gradually been getting back to her normal self. She is still coughing but it does seem a little better, and mostly in the evening/morning times or when she gets excited. Trying to tell her that her life is changing and she’ll have to calm down, but she isn’t listening, she’s always been the more active dog so this will be a life change for her! Needless to say my running/work schedule has been off the last few days. Hopefully I’ll get back on Schedule Monday :)

I’ll leave you with a photo of my little Sky


It's a clean up weekend!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So I decided that before I get crafty I need to get my office/craftroom under control. This is what happens when you try and do everything... mess ensues! This room is my home office, store room, craft room, scrapbook room, sewing room and where I research fitness information and new moves/routines. To say that I'm outgrowing this space is an understatement so it needs to be reigned in I think!

The problem lies in too much stuff in too small a space and not enough organization. Plus I started organizing a few months ago but never got around to finishing so there are many piles of stuff that just need sorting through and reorganizing. I will finish this time!

One area that hasn't seen much action lately is the scrapbook area. It's become a catch-all area for supplies, photo's and more so I can't actually create till this area is cleared off!

And then there is the computer desk! Seriously!!! So in need of a makeover!!!

I'll be back next week with an update, new pics of the room and then hopefully some creative stuff!!! Whooohooo!



Fitness Friday

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just a little recap of my activity/work this week!

  • Monday - Taught my morning Bosu class and then stayed for 30 minutes of Spinning
  • Tuesday - 2 mile run
  • Wednesday - 40 minutes of Spinning, taught 1 hour kickboxing
  • Thursday - 3 mile run plus taught 1 hour of step/conditioning class
  • Friday - 30 minutes of Spinning then taught 1 hour of Bosu

Planned for the upcoming week:
  • 4 mile run Saturday, 4 mile run Tuesday, interval runs Thursday and hopefully a race on Saturday :)
  • Teaching Monday morning Bosu, Wednesday morning kickboxing, Friday morning Bosu plus trying to get some Spinning practice in before/after class.
Hope you all managed to get active this week!!!


Cards! Templates! Freebies! Sketch time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yay! I actually got crafty! It was digi but I am actually CREATING something! Set #15 in the card DiAGRAM series. This set contains 6 cards in PSD and PNG formats. Card sizes are 6"x 4" and 5.5"x 4.25" you get BOTH sizes for each card!!! Perfect for any card lover! Would also work well for brag books! There is also the option of using these for photo card as demonstrated in the preview by the small camera image where the photo could be placed. S4O/S4H OK! Available at Di Hickman Designs and my Scrapwow digital store.

I decided that the sampler I did last month worked pretty well so I thought I'd do that again this month, will a little added bonus of a card printable too! You can find the sampler in both my Di Hickman Designs and my Scrapwow digital store.

The printable in the sampler is one I made using a template from card DiAGRAM set #15 and my "oh baby girl" digital kit. All available at my Di Hickman Designs and Scrapwow digital stores.

I need to go tidy up a bit in my craft room, so I hope to have some paper projects soon! Working on an article for Scrapbooking.com and more!



Missing the craftiness

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes craftiness is a word! At least my spell checker thinks so, lol! Well I have officially been working a 'real' job for 4 months now (4 paychecks received yay!) and I decided that it was time to reassess. This is something I always do every few months to check in with where I am, what goals I want to achieve in the coming months and how I plan on getting there. One thing that was on my list was: more craft time!

I haven't had much time lately to do any crafty stuff and I miss it, a lot! More than I imaged really. I like playing with paper and pixels. So I decided that I needed to scale back somewhere and make some cuts to my work life, which meant cutting back, so I decided to drop one of my jobs and drop down to just fitness and crafting. My crafting deadlines have been met for Scrapbooking.com but Boxer projects have been lacking which I hope to make up for soon!

So keep checking back for crafty projects as there should be some coming soon now I have more time!!!



Dirtbiking in the desert - mini break

Monday, May 10, 2010

As a couple Bob and I have a lot of hobbies, I love fitness and exercise but also enjoy crafts like scrapbooking and cardmaking and Bob is more technically minded with electronics and his video game & pinball restoration but one hobby we love doing as a couple is dirtbiking! Bob has been riding bikes for quite some time now, and I am a recent convert to the dirt only been riding for 3 1/2 years. I got my first bike in December 1996 and have been hooked since. I still scare myself silly on occasion but I think that’s a good thing right?

Anyway we decided a few weeks ago that we needed a dirtbike break and so scheduled some time off work, loaded up the RV, rented a trailer and headed out Wednesday to the desert. We planned on going to Adelanto, specifically El Mirage the dry lake bed with some sand/dirt desert trails. We’d been there in November over thanksgiving with friends and loved it :) We packed up everything including the dogs and headed out mid afternoon.

The dogs travel pretty well in the RV, and slept most of the way there. It takes around 2 1/2 hours so it’s lucky for them that they can sleep. I took them out for a 20 minute walk before we headed off though so I am sure that helped! When we arrived at El Mirage, we got our weeks pass and headed to our usual camping spot on the lake bed. That’s when we really noticed the wind! Wow it was sure windy! No pics the first day cos we basically stayed in the RV!!! I walked the dogs reluctantly and about got blown away, gusts of 50+ mph!!! When it’s just desert with nothing to really break it up that wind got FIERCE! We didn’t even have the slide-out out on the RV cos the wind was so bad!

The second day was better! By lunch the wind had dropped considerably and we decided to try the bikes out. After a little run around on the flat lake bed we decided to hit the trails! Most of the trails around here are naturally sandy as it’s desert. Did I mention I hate riding in the sand? I have found that if you stand up though it’s much better! You still slip around and fish tail out, but it doesn’t feel as bad as sitting. We headed out eastwards towards the Shadow mountains. So beautiful!

When we got to the end of the trail we were on, I had a problem turning the bike around. I slip on sand, lost my footing and dropped the bike. Being as I workout with weights I can lift the bike now (220lbs!) but I had a problem getting it into neutral to move it so Bob came to help me that’s when he noticed that he’d lost the end of his exhaust! Somewhere along the trail his tail end of his exhaust and the spark arrestor had fallen off!!! We double backed along the trail we’d traveled on and luckily found the exhaust parts, but not the screws that held it in place!

The brush around here is so dry, it’s desert afterall, and there are strict laws for riding which includes mandatory spark arrestors to reduce the risk of fires. No spark arrestor = no ride. So Bobs ride for the week was over. We decided to call it a day but knew we’d have to cut our trip short, I don’t ride that well yet so going on trails alone is NOT an option, plus the whole reason for the trip was to ride together, ah well! We decided to stay the night so we decided to break out the beer and relax

then we fired up the BBQ

The dogs were enjoying themselves anyway

We’d decided to sit around the “wrong” side of the RV, as it wasn’t so windy this side. The wind had dropped considerably but we still had gusts.

The sunset was beautiful!

Friday morning I was up early as usual and took the dogs for their morning walk. When we’re out in the desert I set my iPhone timer for 10-15 mins then when it goes off we turn around and head back to the RV. Gives them a good walk and I really enjoy the scenery

When I got back to the RV, we had breakfast then I got geared up and headed out for a ride on the lake bed. I wouldn’t go on a trail on my own, but riding around on the lake bed is pretty safe. I got some riding experience in, practicing turns, stopping and pulling off etc. Still not as quick on the gears as I’d like but the more we ride the more comfortable I feel :)

Whilst I was out riding, Bob packed up mos the RV things. I came back, changed then walked the dogs and we packed up and headed home! Just the two rides I’d done had an impact and my shoulders were pretty sore all day Friday and into Saturday. Other than Riding and walking the dogs I didn’t workout. Definitely a change of pace. Looking forward to the next trip!


May article for Scrapbooking.com

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a new month and therefore time for my latest Scrapbooking.com article! For May I did a step by step layout progression for adding computer text to pages. I get asked a lot how to add computer text to layouts. How do you get the text in the right spot? Well this months article explains all that!

Along with my regular article are many more articles, check out Scrapbooking.com for lots of great projects and inspiration every month!



Fitness Friday recap on Monday!

Monday, May 3, 2010

 Back with another recap from my fitness blog! Saturday I ran in my first race and hope to post about that later today with a race day recap. I learned a lot for sure!

Back tomorrow with a crafty related post!!!