Missing the craftiness

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes craftiness is a word! At least my spell checker thinks so, lol! Well I have officially been working a 'real' job for 4 months now (4 paychecks received yay!) and I decided that it was time to reassess. This is something I always do every few months to check in with where I am, what goals I want to achieve in the coming months and how I plan on getting there. One thing that was on my list was: more craft time!

I haven't had much time lately to do any crafty stuff and I miss it, a lot! More than I imaged really. I like playing with paper and pixels. So I decided that I needed to scale back somewhere and make some cuts to my work life, which meant cutting back, so I decided to drop one of my jobs and drop down to just fitness and crafting. My crafting deadlines have been met for Scrapbooking.com but Boxer projects have been lacking which I hope to make up for soon!

So keep checking back for crafty projects as there should be some coming soon now I have more time!!!



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