It's Summer!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yep Summer is here alright! Friday afternoon in my scraproom was pretty unbearable. I got a layout done though, which I'll share soon, been slowly plugging away at deadline work. Things are hotting up here in Southern California. Not sure how hot it's been but pretty dang hot! I seem to remember them forecasting triple digits for this weekend. Thing is I feel kinda bad putting the air-con on when we (me and the dogs) pretty much stay in my office in the afternoons, but I had no fan in here and by 3pm it's a sauna. Had no fan, did you notice that? This afternoon Bob (with a little help from me) installed a ceiling fan/light in my office! YAY! This should help save energy a little too (and get our bill down!!!

Been using the pool too the last couple of days, sooo nice to take a dip in the afternoon. Plus the line up of empty water bottles on the kitchen counter tells me we're drinking lots too.

Anyway just a quick post to say I haven't melted! Nearly, after being up in the attic today (see aforementioned "help" of ceiling fan installation). Back tomorrow with this months Layout template, and hopefully be able to share a secret tomorrow too! I believe Bob mentioned something about Ice Cream tonight so gonna go hunt some down :) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Blog challenge

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nancy at Treasures to Scrap keeps posting these blog challenges and everytime I say "yep I'll do it" then never get around to it. So.... here is todays! Don't faint Nancy!


1)Name one person who made you smile today? The dogs! Bob. Mostly I've been busy so far getting scrap projects done and submitted.
2)What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? sitting on the couch eating breakfast

3)What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Chatting to my Mum and Bob on yahoo. Oh and doing emails and sending submissions, Multitasking!

4)What is something that happened to you in 1998? Bob and I got married, in a hot air balloon at Las Vegas!!!
5)What is the last thing you said aloud? Cya later!
6)How many different things have you drank today? Tea and orange juice

7)What color is your hair brush? Black. I have one brush and a few combs
8)What was the last thing you bought? groceries (boring!)
9)What was the last gift you received? hmmm. I think it was a keyring off Bob. It was in our Rocky Mountain ATV parcel on his bike pants and he put it on my bike. Cos I have a key and he doesn't

10)What color is your front door? Green. Is it bad I had to go look? I could have sworn it was red.

11)Where do you keep cell phone? In my bag. Terrible at remembering to charge it up.

12)What was the weather like today? Sunny!!! HOT! Sunny!
13)What is the best ice cream flavor? Soy Cherry Choc Chip
14)What are you excited about? lots of things! My parents coming in October, getting a goodie box of new papers from one heart one mind, Summer being here, maybe going out this weekend riding!

15)Do you talk a lot? Yes!

16)Name a weird food you like? Hmmmm, baked bean sandwiches?
17)Cold or hot? depends on for what? I prefer summer to winter, but I like cold food cold and hot food hot. I hate cold pizza.

18)What's your favorite thing to do? play with paper, digital stuff, the dogs, swim, dirtbike and entertain my blog readers :)

19)Do you want to cut your hair? always, especially now it's getting HOT.

20: Are you over the age of 25? HA! I mean... yes!

21)Are you ticklish? yes quite a bit.

22)Are you typically a jealous person? Sometimes. Depends on the time of the month and whether I'm being rational or not!

23)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "L" : Lisa
24)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A": Angela

25)Do you chew on your straws? not chew, more play with

26)Do you have curly hair? not really. If I put it in a clip when its wet it'll curl. But just letting it dry naturally not curly no. It does have a natural wave to it though.

27)What is the next concert you're going to? no idea, haven't been to one in a while, should check some out really and see who's playing.

28)Who is the crappiest person in your life? I tend not to let those people into my life.

29)What is your favorite color? Depends what for? clothing I'm currently into neutrals (browns/tans); Scrapping I'm into browns, greens, and blues

30)What is something you say a lot? So I said; then she says,

31)What's your room like? My scraproom? Well I can just walk around the middle right now. I got project deadlines so busy time right now
32)What was the last movie you saw? Ghostrider, it was blah

33)Do you have work tomorrow? I'm a woman, we work 24/7

34)What's your dream job? This is something I'm still trying to figure out!

35)When was the last time you said "I love you"? yesterday

36)What should you be doing right now? Making a layout for Scrapstreet Dream Team competition

37)Do you have a nickname? Di, D, Billie
38)Are you a heavy sleeper? YES

39)When is the last time you did the dishes, honestly? this morning

40)What are your pet peeves? People who let their dogs out to roam the neighborhood letting them poop everywhere. People who don't scoop the poop. Drivers talking on cellphones

if you read this far then I challenge YOU to do these on YOUR blog!


Card Sketch June #4

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Wednesday morning! Posting this bright and early this week! Lots to do today, and Bob is off as we have an appointment later today. This weeks sketch is a favorite of mine. Based on a card I made last September, which I STILL love today! The digital template can be DOWNLOADED HERE As always hook me up the comments or through email so I can come and check out YOUR cards!

Credits: Shelle Pukas "pink linen" kit;

Can I just say I LOVE this card! Turned out much much better than I thought it would in my head. Fun colors and accents. Love this one!
Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Paper: Adorn It; Flower: Heidi Swapp; alpha: dollartree; other: button, brads, acrylic

Card by Linda Flinders

Card by Brigitte v.Tienhoven
Credits : Kit Flowers-Flowers-Flowers and Overlay Grunge, both at , Font used Book Antiqua

Card by Lucy Chesna

Card by Pearl Liu
supply lists : BG Perhaps pp , Bazill cs , Prima say it with crystals , SEI brads, Prima flower , Jenni Bowlin ticket

Card by Linda Flinders

Card by Jackie Price
Supplies: Basic Grey, distress ink, brad


One Heart.... One Mind

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok updating with stuff I created for one heart... one mind. Some of the things I can't share and some things I can! First up is this Halloween party set I made back in March, using the rough 'n' tumble line. Perfect Halloween colors!

The spider is made from patterned paper; wobbly eyes; wire (legs) and beads (feet). Yep each one is handmade! Let's just say I was so glad this project was over! Plus each piece was inked! Yep I am totally getting out my 'box' this year! I think I had ink on my fingers for DAYS after this project!

(imagine the bag contains treats not packing peanuts ok?)

Also created in March was this Hybrid layout. Love the Formality line! Beautiful black and white patterns with co-ordinating solids. The solids have such texture too! The swirls are by Rhonna Farrer and are printed directly onto the solid cardstock along with the title and journaling.

Can I also say if you haven't used one heart... one mind rub-ons seriously GO GET SOME! I love them! By far my favorite rub-ons! And I've been using TONS lately! My other March projects are unavailable right now, but I have more to share! Don't worry - I have April, and Mays projects so share soon!


time together

Monday, June 25, 2007

This weekend I opted to not scrap (no-one faint!), not do anything except spend time with Bob. He's been working A LOT lately with the game deadlines coming fast and it's not been unusual for him to work till midnight some days the last few weeks. Anyway although he did go in Saturday afternoon to work, (I went with him) and he did some stuff Sunday, we spent the rest of the time together. It's been a rarity lately to see him, and when I do he's either stressed about work or he's a zombie from lack of sleep and relaxation time. I actually got to see HIM this weekend!

Saturday night we went out for dinner with Greg and his girlfriend Julie, was our first time meeting her and she's lovely! Far too good for Greg! ROFL! We met up at our favorite Chinese place, Vegetable Delight, love it there! Great food!

There is a house for sale opposite us. We went round yesterday to the open house, cos we were curious as to the remodelling (hey we wanted ideas!) and the price. The realtor was cool about it, and I'm sure people do it all the time, it's just that Britishness in me that thinks it's pretty cheeky! lol! Anyway they are asking $475k and although the house is identical in sq footage, there are a lot of differences. Definitely gave us lots of idea's as to what we'd like to do with ours, once we get time/money.

As a result I'm gonna be working like CRAZY to get stuff done this week. So there will be updates, just not sure what/when, lol! Card sketch hopefully will be up on Wednesday but we have an appointment Wednesday and Bob has booked the day off for. O-M-G a WHOLE DAY OFF! So I'm trying to get the blog post and newsletter prepped and ready to send first thing Wednesday morning before we leave.

I can't believe that it's almost July!!! Where is this year going?


Birthday Crop Weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Treasures to Scrap is having a birthday crop weekend! There are challenges, games, chat's, make & takes and PRIZES GALORE! So much going on this weekend it's making my head spin! So if you want to scrap this weekend, come join in the fun! You can find all the details here! We even have a chat later today with Kim Johnson!

I'm taking a back seat for this crop and just participating not teaching/leading as I've been sick and didn't want to have to pull out. Plus I want to go riding hopefully this weekend. Feeling a bit better now so hopefully get out tomorrow or Sunday. Heck I'd be happy to get out of the house! I did get out grocery shopping this morning (cos we need stuff to eat, lol)! Busy working on projects for one heart... one mind and stuff for July. Hopefully I'll be sharing more stuff soon! For now I gotta go create! Have a great weekend!


Review: Shelle Pukas

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not sure how this is gonna go, as I'm on her creative team so it's obvious I love her work, lol! Well Treasures to Scrap asked about getting digital sponsors so I asked Shelle and she agreed! So this month Shelle sponsored the digital team.

So these layouts kinda count as my creative projects for Shelle and my projects for Treasures to Scrap, weird! Shelle has TONS of different products to choose from for digital scrapbookers, including kits, paper/embellishment packs and templates. Also this month she began offering commercial use products!

It's no secret that I LOVE Shelle's Summer kits! Just love the colors and fun accents! The colors are PERFECT for summer pool pics, and well I have a TON of those! The Summer Fun and Sweet Summer Bliss kits just scream summer don't they? And how apt for this, the first day of Summer!

Here are a couple of layouts with the summer kits. You can see more with these kits in one of last months blog posts as you can see I am having a slight problem putting these two kits down! I just can't stop using them! Its a sickness!

Summer Fun kit by Shelle Pukas; Alpha by Shabby Princess; Vellum by Kim Johnson; Font: Wonderful Wendy

Sweet Sumer Bliss kit & In Bloom kit by Shelle Pukas; Ghost alpha by Kim Hill; Stamped alpha by Doris Castle; Font: Wonderful Wendy

I played with this one some last month but love the soft colors in the Peaches'n'cream kit. I love the versatility of this one! Stonewashed texture to the papers and some fun embellishments.

Showed you this last friday in the template post but gotta share again! Just too fun not to! This is my little one, Sky. She's a real character! More layouts to come of her soon! And her partner in crime!
Peaches'n'cream kit by Shelle Pukas; Font: Wonderful Wendy

I think this one is my favorite so far of Shelle's Kits, In Bloom. Again one that I use over and over, but for me - its a picker. What do I mean? Well I like to pick bits out and use them with other kits. See the green? Goes well with the summer kits. The tan? Goes great with peaches'n'cream and well I love the deep rich reds and have a layout planned for those too! I love the accents in this kit, they go with almost anything! The stitching is awesome, the frames and the floral stamp! Love the floral stamp! You'll find this kit popping up in my credits a lot over the last month

As I mentioned Shelle sells many products, and one I LOVE is her paper packs. If you know me you'll know I LOVE spots (hence the spotted dogs and my message board username)! These packs provide me with my spot fix! This one is the Autumn paper pack (yep there is an embellishment pack to match). Solids, stripes and polka dots all in the same pack! All with a nice texture too!

Something a little different from me. Papers are from the above pack and the embellishments are from the In Bloom kit above (see its a picker for me!). I used the blue papers for the text and floral stamp. Just perfect with this photo of me!
Autumn paper pack & In bloom kit by Shelle Pukas; Font: Wonderful Wendy

In all I am SO HAPPY to be on Shelle's team otherwise I could be quite poor! LOL! You can find more projects with Shelle Pukas kit at the Treasures to Scrap gallery. The digital team really had fun this month!

Until tomorrow!


Card Sketch June #3

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday again! I hope everyone is ready for another card sketch! This one is basic rectangle, you know how I go through phases. Add embellishments and sentiment where you wish and just go crazy with it. As always hook me up through email or comments if you do the sketch I love to see your creations! The digital template is available for DOWNLOAD HERE - ENJOY!

Ok pretend this one scanned ok and not all funny around the tag! Darn lumpy cards! I love the papers but not feeling the overall look of this one, feels a little over embellished for my tastes. But then I like it cos the colors make me happy!
Supplies: Patterned paper, Ribbon, Alpha stamps: Adorn It; rub-on: Royal; flower: queen & co; stamps: fiskars

Must be going through a digital phase, cos I love this! Love this kit though so not hard to go wrong with a great kit! I recolored the stitching on this. Oh and I made the paperclip, and just added the flower and button.
Supplies: In Bloom Kit by Shelle Pukas; Font: Monotype Corsiva; paperclip my own; flower by Shelle Pukas;

Card by Wendy McGlinchey
Supplies: Pink card, Green pearlised card, Orange card, Patterned paper, coloured paper clip, Cricut flowers, white gel pen for faux stitching, Tanda Stamps Retro Women Set Four, Versafine Onyx Black

Card by Lucy Chesna

Card by Pearl Liu
Supplies : DCWV Nana's kids patterned paper; Bazzill Cardstock;

Card by Linda Flinders

Card by Ruth Trice
Supplies: DCWV papers, Prima flowers, Hampton Arts and Rhonna Farrer stamps, handmade paper, Fiskars scallop scissors and crystals. Xcut corner punch and Karl Craft flower punch.

Card By Kelly Nelson
Supplies: pp Grant Archival and ProvoCraft, ribbon - American Crafts, Cardstock - Bazzill, Brads - Bella, Stickers - Peel Craft, Rubon - American Crafts, zig pen, versamark ink, Stamps - Stampin' Up

Newsletter will be going out today, with a template exclusive for subscribers only! So check your inboxes subscribers!


Ready Set Create April/May

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sharing stuff from April/May issue of Ready Set Create. Been going through the issues and snagging screenshots of the covers and projects I had published. April/May was a tough one for me as I didn't have much that fit the calls but I found something to submit!

Supplies: cardstock - Bazzill; PP, embelishments and alpha sticker - KI Memories; Chipboard alpha: Heidi Swapp; Pen - Zig

The June/July issue was published earlier this month and I have a few things in there I'll share later in July. So fun to see some cards and layouts in there featuring my sketches! Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know that they had projects picked up! Quite strange to see myself in the supplies list! lol! Keep up the good work everyone!

In other news: feeling slightly better today! Went to the doctors yesterday who confirmed my diagnosis (rofl!) and I'm on antibiotics. Be a few days till I'm back to normal but feeling much better than I did! Thanks for the concern and happy emails! I might actually be up to creating something today!


Guest Designing for....

Monday, June 18, 2007

June at the Everyday Digital Scrapbooking blog! My tutorial is up today on how to make your own scallop edge template! When Julie Ann asked me to be the guest designer for June I was over the moon! Love the EDS blog! So helpful with their tutorials and such eyecandy too! The team there do an AWESOME job of inspiring digital scrapbookers like myself! Big thanks to the EDS team!

The tutorial I did for them can be found on their blog today, and here are some layouts I did with their awesome sponsor this month Sarah Meyers!

Credits: Gummy Grins Girly kit by Sarah Meyer, SarahB Designs, ; font: SP wonderful wendy,

Credits: gummy grins: girl kit by Sarah Meyer (SarahB designs); font: SP wonderful wendy

Credits: papers/stitching/ribbon: gummy grins:boyish kit by Sarah Meyer (SarahB designs); wordart from digital scrapbook place; ornate stamp by shabby princess

Gotta say I am loving her kits! I got the gummy grins (boy and girl) and LOVED them to pieces! And anyone that knows me knows I don't have kids, but these kits are SO VERSATILE! Really! Loved the scallop and lacey ribbon, and can you say 18 patterned papers per kit!!! HOLY COW! Oh and did I mention these are a BARGAIN at $6.99 each! Which for the amount of stuff she's packed into these kits, it's a BARGAIN! I thought I'd include the kit preview here! (Clicking the pic will take you directly to the kit in her store) Seriously PACKED kits!

Big thanks to Julie Ann Shahin, the EDS team and Sarah Meyer! Thanks for a great opportunity! Now to decide whether to apply for their Design Team! Yep the EDS blog is looking for DT members! Check it out!


Sharing projects from...

ScrapStreets May issue! My first month as a staff member! Wow! Time flies! So much has happened since I got offered a position on the ezine team! Well in case you missed my FIRST ScrapStreet Article I'll link it again: Goin' Bloggin' all about getting started with blogging, info to know and how to make your first post! So all you out there wanting to jump on the blogwagon go check it out! I love blogging! But I guess you all knew that huh? Maybe I'll add it on a blogpost too later, depending on how much time I have today.

Besides my article on blogging I had a digital layout in the ezine using the monthly free kit. I love this one! Initially I opened the kit and thought "what the heck am I gonna do with this" but the whole thing just fell together. Strange how that happens, yet kits you LOVE immediately sometimes you struggle to actually USE them! Murphy's law I guess!

The background was created by opening the daisy stripe paper and the solid yellow paper. I cut out the 2 stripes from the paper and merged it with the solid yellow paper, this creates an asymmetrical patterned paper. I used the cookie cutter tool to cut a rounded rectangle out of the blue daisy paper. Added drop shadows where appropriate.

Supplies: Kit: Touch of Tile by Dora Phillips for, Font - Century Gothic (journaling); Academy Engraved (initial).

You can download the Scrapstreet Kit "touch of tile" at the ScrapStreet store! Lots of freebies to be found there, and some great digital kits at very reasonable prices!

If you're challenge crazy (like me) then come along and sign up for the new ScrapStreet Dream Team challenge kicks off on Tuesday, June 26 at high noon and ends on Saturday, July 14 at 6pm with winners announced Sunday, July 15th at 6pm. It's a partner challenge so grab a buddy or just post that you need one and someone will pop on and snag ya. The prizes are valued at $50 each! As usual Dora with throw her own flavor into the mix and the whole thing will be a ton of fun! Unfortunately I'm already taken! Me and my partner Robin are ready to ROCK!

Oh yeah and don't forget the August issue calls! Deadline July 1st! Get submitting everyone! (especially for card corner! *wink*)


good weekend/bad weekend

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bad weekend, cos yesterday woke up not feeling too great and by lunch I knew why. Kidney infection. Couldn't stop going to the damn bathroom, swollen abdomen and feeling basically blah. Along with back ache and pain. So yeah no riding! The day was pretty much a wash out. Today, still not feeling that good but better than yesterday. Still the bathrooms best friend but manageable. Some back ache but again not like yesterday. We used the pool today, freakin cold but we used it! Still needs to warm up another 10 degrees if you ask me!
Good weekend, cos I got a toot! A layout being published in the Memory Mania Masterpieces Idea book! So glad cos it's a one heart... one mind DT piece and well I've been busting my ass to get published with their stuff! So finally I get something picked up!!! LOL!

Back tomorrow with a more uplifting and creative post, gotta go to the bathroom again!


Layout Sketch June #2

Friday, June 15, 2007

I swear I totally forgot today was the 15th! Where are the days going? Got totally sidetracked with stuff. Anyway this month I decided to offer a bonus layout sketch. Usually I only do one a month, with the odd bonus thrown in for good measure. So back in March (I think it was March, definately a while ago) my friend Rach sent me a rough sketch and I kinda played with it, and made it into this!

And yep the 8.5 x 11 version is available too!

You can download both templates HERE with full layered psd, a jpg of each and individual .png files! Remember to hook me up in the comments (or email) if you use the sketch, I love to come check them out! Here is my layout:

Credits: Shelle Pukas Peaches'n'cream kit; font: SP Wonderful Wendy

I sent the sketch out to the girls and they came up with some interesting takes on it, which rocks! Love how everyone took it and made it their own! Especially Renee, doing a card! Well done girls awesome work!

Layout by Rachel Tops
Products: Bazzill CS; Fancy Pants PP; 7 Gypsies 97% Complete Inspire Stickers
SU Ink; Zig Pen; Asst buttons

Layout by Megan Shanor
Credits: Kim Johnson's Friends kit and also her Washed T-Shirts (Blues Collection) Paper. I also used MissMint's Rhinestones and Trish Jones's Dotted Decos. The fonts are Engebrechtre and Pea cammi-pea.

Layout by Angela Shetzer
Credits: Papers: Beloved Kit by Angie Briggs; Border: WalshT; Word Art: Wedded words; Frame: Pearly Love by MBrend; Rings: Anniversary Kit by Tamera Lee Miller; Photo: Jason Smith Photography

Layout by Egle Noel
Credits: Paper Bag Papers by design: Collection 1 by Julie Mead (paper); Paper Bag Papers by design: Collection 2 by Julie Mead (paper); Paper Bag Papers by design: Collection 3 by Julie Mead (paper); "Note"able by Amy Teets (paper, arrow, frame); Front Porch Swing Scrap Kit by Michelle Bradley (alpha for title); Blossoms With Bling by Michelle Bradley (blue gems); Lucky Stars by Lena Brandenburg (black paper used for stitches [all available at]

Card by Renee' Morris-Dezember
supply lists: Bazzill Carstock, Pattern Paper and Rub-on by SWEETWATER

Layout by Brigitte v.Tienhoven
Credits : Papers by Berna Datema, Tribute to Gaudi

Layout by Dawn McDowell
credits: Solid and Dot papers - Art Bin Collection by Kim HIll; Light blue star paper, ricrac, buttons,bike - On the Go kit by Kim Hill; cardboard - Teen Spirit kit by Kim Hill; Stitching - Yarn Element pack by Kim Hill; Notepaper lines overlay - Juicy Fruit Elements by Kim Hill; Date brush - Jessica Bolton; Cloud brush - The_Weather_Child_Brushes downloaded from; Photo Border action - Kimberley Geswein; Photo actions - Urban Grunge by Michelle Pearson; Shadow Actions - Traci Murphy; font: Gr