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Monday, June 25, 2007

This weekend I opted to not scrap (no-one faint!), not do anything except spend time with Bob. He's been working A LOT lately with the game deadlines coming fast and it's not been unusual for him to work till midnight some days the last few weeks. Anyway although he did go in Saturday afternoon to work, (I went with him) and he did some stuff Sunday, we spent the rest of the time together. It's been a rarity lately to see him, and when I do he's either stressed about work or he's a zombie from lack of sleep and relaxation time. I actually got to see HIM this weekend!

Saturday night we went out for dinner with Greg and his girlfriend Julie, was our first time meeting her and she's lovely! Far too good for Greg! ROFL! We met up at our favorite Chinese place, Vegetable Delight, love it there! Great food!

There is a house for sale opposite us. We went round yesterday to the open house, cos we were curious as to the remodelling (hey we wanted ideas!) and the price. The realtor was cool about it, and I'm sure people do it all the time, it's just that Britishness in me that thinks it's pretty cheeky! lol! Anyway they are asking $475k and although the house is identical in sq footage, there are a lot of differences. Definitely gave us lots of idea's as to what we'd like to do with ours, once we get time/money.

As a result I'm gonna be working like CRAZY to get stuff done this week. So there will be updates, just not sure what/when, lol! Card sketch hopefully will be up on Wednesday but we have an appointment Wednesday and Bob has booked the day off for. O-M-G a WHOLE DAY OFF! So I'm trying to get the blog post and newsletter prepped and ready to send first thing Wednesday morning before we leave.

I can't believe that it's almost July!!! Where is this year going?


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