Card Sketch Sept #4

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow the last sketch for September! This month has gone SO FAST! This weeks sketch is another inspired by some ATC's I made previously. At first I wasn't 100% sure it would make a good card, but as I've found over the last almost 3 years it's the ones that look easy that are often the difficult ones!

When I sat down to do this sketch I knew I wanted the larger right side to be a small floral, that's just how I saw it in my head. Then pulling colors from the floral paper the card practically made itself. I wish I had an anniversary stamp that was a little more in keeping with the foam alpha or vice versa, but I think the card works :)

"Anniversary" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Stamp: Boxer Scrapbooks; Paper: Chatterbox; Alpha: Miss Elizabeths; Stitching

"Floral" card by Celeste Brodnik
Supplies: Cardstock: American Crafts; Pattern Paper, Ribbon, Die Cut Flower: SEI; Felt Flower: Jenni Bowlin

"Merry Christmas" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Cardstock ~ Bazzill; Patterned Paper ~ Imagination Project; Stamp & twill ~ HOTP; Buttons ~ Basic Grey

"I Love you" card by Jo Willis
Supplies: Papermill card, Crafter’s Companion scoring board, Scenic Route sticker, Distress ink, Bazzill pom-pom fringe. Ribbon, pins and rhinestones all from stash.

"Happy Birthday" card by Linda Flinders

"Happy Birthday" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: Prima Indeed Delighted pp, Prima Cadoobles, Heartwarming Vintage Crafty Little Secrets Creative Cuts , Cuttlebug Embossing folder, Martha Stewart's Lace Doily Punch

"Penblywdd Hapus'" card by Ruth Trice
Supplies: Paper - Papermania; Stamp - Impressions; Flowers - Prima and other; Punches - Martha Stewart

"Happy Birthday" card by Jan Tatomir
Supplies: Paper & Embellishment: K & Company; Rub: Melissa Frances

"Thanks" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies List: Cardstock - Bazzill, Patterned Paper - Dream Street, Pearls - Paper Mania, Stamps - Hero Arts & Studio G, Ribbon - Angel Crafts



published - Just Cards Vol 15

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got this in my mailbox last week, Just Cards Vol 15. This issue features two of my cards, old cards. Things I love about this magazine: over 300 cards in each issue; lots of different styles and techniques; lots of different themes and full instructions to make each card! Awesome!

I have two cards in this issue on page 33 below. All one heart... one mind products. Nice and simple card that I sent in for submission quite a while back, maybe over a year ago!

And another card on page 62, again using all one heart... one mind products. And again sent in quite a while ago now. They hang on to your submissions at Just Cards magazine so even if you don't see your card in the issue you submitted it for it could end up in a future issue. Nice surprise :)

Just Cards Vol 15 is on newstands now, so check it out!



Monday Musings

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday morning again! Wow soon rolls around doesn't it? So to recap our weekend :) Friday we went out to celebrate. Celebrate what I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you! Friday I got my AFAA certificates in the mail, yay! I am now a certified aerobics/step instructor and personal trainer... again! lol!

Now comes the task of getting liability insurance etc, and creating a business plan, getting some business cards made etc etc. Never ends does it? I am also thinking of doing the ACSM Personal Training Certification as it's more recognized than AFAA.

Saturday and Sunday were spent eating, doing chores, working out and basically chilling. Saturday I was having one of my accident prone "dropsy" days. Just the days where I shouldn't leave the house, handle sharp objects or work machinery. Some days for me are just like that! Bob hurt his shoulder Sunday so he was out of commission though he did wash the car & truck and tinker about the house. Food wise we had a bit of an international weekend with Indian, Mexican and Thai. I still prefer Indian over all others though.

Now Monday rolls around again and another week begins! The fun never ends does it?


Back to school calendar

Saturday, September 26, 2009

September is back to school in our neck of the woods, so I thought why not transfer that theme to a calendar page? The Boxer calendars are really great for kid projects!

I used the Calendar papers on this page plus some calendar stickers and alphabet stickers. You really don't need to go overboard on the designs of these pages. Nice and simple is usually the way to go, especially for the smaller sizes!

More calendar pages coming soon!



Fit Friday: calorie burning

Friday, September 25, 2009

If you are looking to gain or lose weight one thing you need to track is calories consumed vs calories expended. This needs to be tracked in order to promote the required results. I'm not really looking to lose anymore weight, but I am more interested in losing fat and then promoting muscle growth. To that end I bought a heart rate monitor (HRM) this week, a Polar F4.

On my cardio days I am doing intervals, and other than keeping a mental note of mph and time splits it's very hard to track the details for that, whereas with a HRM I just slip it on, click a button and just view it at the end :) Simple. Wednesday was my first cardio day with the HRM and I thought I'd do a little comparison of the HRM vs Treadmill calculation vs online calculation. I worked out for around 45 minutes. In that time I walked for 1 mile @ 4mph and ran for 3 miles with intervals ranging from 5 - 7 mph. I recorded the information from the HRM, from the treadmill and then rough estimate on calculations.
  • HRM = 345
  • Treadmill = 636
  • Livestrong = 344
As you can see the Treadmill was WAY off, almost double the amount I actually burned! Now IF I were tracking calories to lose weight that 300 calories the treadmill was over would be enough to throw my numbers totally out of whack! It takes a 500 cal deficit daily to lose 1lb each week. The treadmill overestimated enough reduce my weight loss by 50%! Instead of losing 1lb a week, I'd only lose 1/2lb, if that! Basically it would have taken me twice as long to lose any weight using their calculation! Yikes! The Livestrong site calculated pretty close (with my weight information) but it was quite a pain to go in and input all the data for 4-5-6-7 mph!

The other reason for a HRM is that as mentioned last week I am doing P90X workouts 3 days a week, and yoga 3 times a week and I had no way of tracking the calorie expenditure of those workouts. Even on Livestrong they overcalculate my actual calorie expenditure:
  • Yoga 40 mins HRM: 128
  • Yoga 40 mins Livestrong: 200
  • P90X HRM: 219
  • Weights* livestrong: 390
*(nearest thing to P90X on the site)

As you can see, the online calculations are WAY off! Again this could have serious implications for weight loss/gain. In all I am totally 110% happy with my decision to get a HRM! I'd advise anyone to get one if they are serious about losing weight.



Card Sketch Sept #3

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New card sketch today, this one is adapted from an ATC I made a while ago.

After pushing paper around on my desk for a while I gave up and decided to go digital/hybrid. Sometimes things just go like that I guess. I like how the card turned out though!

"Birthday" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Chickadee digital kit by Di Hickman

"Magical Christmas" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Patterned Paper ~ Rob n Bob Studio; Sentiment Stamp ~ Anita’s; Snowman panel ~ Etsy; Ribbon ~ from stash

"Thanks" card by Jackie Price
Supplies: Scraps

"Bouquets of Joy" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: Prima Indeed Delighted pp , Prima Cadoodles, Cuttlebug Cut & Emboss Set - Damask , Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, Autumn Leaves buttons, Heartwarming Vintage Carfty Little Secrets Creative Cuts - Freindship & Flowers

"Birthday Card" card by Jo Willis
Supplies: Papermill card, DCWV paper, CraftWork adhesive lace, sentiment cut from Around The Block paper, Creative Imaginations gingham ribbon, Prima flowers, HOTP brads, Uniball Signo pens.

"Love (Wedding) Card" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies: Frame - RiffRaff, Patterned Paper - My Mind's Eye, Dictionary Page, Letters - Heidi Swapp, Cardstock - RAK

"Just for you" card by Linda Flinders



Published: Hobby Lobby Mag

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just checking in today to let you all know that the latest Hobby Lobby Magazine is available in Stores! I have 2 cards in this issue :) Page 16 sees my Fall card along size my buddy Nancy Jones and her layout of Bella :)

Then again on page 46 with a Christmas "JOY" card. Love these christmas papers, must get around to using up these papers this year on my cards!

Check out the 4th quarter edition on sale now at just $1.99 in all Hobby Lobby stores!



Monday Musings

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's done! I made my first real item on my Serger last week! I've had this material in my stash for a LONG while now, those that read the blog regularly will know that we have 2 dalmatians so how could I NOT buy this? Plus it was a remnant, I don't even remember how much I paid for it but it wasn't much. Obviously the natural choice for this material was cushions. River especially likes to rest on cushions (and towels/blankets etc, I swear she was a cat in a previous life). So I got busy...

Just laid the material out, wrong sides together then stitch around the edges leaving a 4" gap to turn inside out then stuff :) Simple process that only took me longer than necessary because I threaded the Serger incorrectly *sigh*. Anyway after sewing/serging I stuffed the cushions with stuffing from some old cushions. These old ones were made with fleece covers, which if you have dogs you'll know fleece is a dog hair magnet! So I refashioned/recycled in a sense too! (plus the old cushion covers I used to stuff my dress form! Nothing gets wasted here in this house!) All that was left then, was to handstitch the opening shut and voila, done!

Not sure yet what my next project will be. So many things I need to work on, but that's one project down and it's my first proper sewing with the Serger! It made things super easy and super sturdy :) Totally inspired to tackle something a little more difficult now! Maybe some dog coats for the winter?


Published - RSC

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just thought I'd share a card I had in the August/September edition of Ready Set Create ezine. I love working with Jen at RSC she's just great :) I made this card using Boxer products, lots of patterned paper on this one which is unusual for me but I really like it :)

Supplies: Paper & Brads: Boxer Scrapbooks: Rub-ons: ohom; Cardstock: DCWV; Chipboard: AC

Ready Set Create is a great ezine with lots of idea's for cards, layout and altered items! Each bimonthly issue is JAM PACKED with eye candy! If you haven't check out an issue just drop by their site and pick up an issue!

more soon!



Fit Friday

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just checking in on the fitness front! Still a size small (XS in some clothing) and still trying to get cut :) After a week on staycation where I didn't really watch my eating I am back to my regular healthy eating trying to drop some body fat. Ideally I'd like to lose another 2% body fat, I think that would really show off my abs and give me the six pack. Today I am vowing to make a concerted effect to obtain a six pack. After seeing some ab definition come in over the last month or so I know I can do it!

Since Monday I've changed up my fitness routine a bit. I am doing a modified version of P90X. Basically I'll be doing the strength training routines from P90X and the ab ripper, but the cardio I am going to do myself using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as I have had the most results with HIIT compared to other cardio. However I have taken a break from HIIT this week as I hurt my knee :( No, not by exercising! No, that would be too logical! In fact it's a dog injury! Sky was super excited to go for walks one day last week and just ran full pelt into my leg causing it to hyperextend and basically I believe I overstretched the tendons in the knee. It IS getting better and I am back running again, albeit slower and shorter distances, but better that than the hobbling around I was doing earlier this week! This morning I did 3 miles and increased the speed on the interval high to 6mph and it felt ok. But I am taking it slow so I don't do further damage.

Part of the P90X program is the Ab Ripper X workout, it rocks! Tough workout but I am finally almost at a point 3 weeks later (not counting my week break) where I can almost do the whole 15 minute routine without a rest! Thursday I only stopped during the V-up/roll up combo. That's only cos I can't do a V-up from a supine position... one day! But all that is a far cry from the first time I did the workout and couldn't get past the first 3 exercises without resting! My goal for September is to make it through the whole thing without stopping, even if I have to modify the V-ups into curls! I found the Ab Ripper X video on google vids so check it out, totally worth it!

Of course today I am kinda struggling a little with a bit of a booty ache! Yesterday was legs and back and I think we did about 400 squats/lunges, maybe more, and I feel like my butt cheeks are gonna drop off, lol!

What are your fitness goals this month? I know some of you are training for half marathons. Make goals everyone, then take steps to achieve those goals.


Card template set #10

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I know I have lots of card template lovers out there in digi land so just dropping by to mention this new Card DiAGRAM template set #10! Wow! This set features some favorites of mine I've used each template for cards in the past and I just love the designs! Each cards comes in TWO sizes: 4"x4" and 4.25"x5.5" with the PSD and PNG files included in the download! Check it out on sale for $2.50 in my digital stores at Di Hickman Designs, Scrapwow and 3Scrapateers!

Hope to get around to getting some layout templates done soon, and more digital kits!!! I just need to get a freebie kit done for Scrapwow then my time is my own! Yay!



Card Sketch Sept #2

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yep the card sketches are back! Yay! I missed them for sure, did you all miss them? I love doing the card sketches so I don't think they'll be going anywhere anytime soon! As you can see from the sketch below, I added a suggestion for the patterned paper this time, but it's entirely up to you where you place it :) Sketches are just a jumping point for creativity remember! The digital template is available free in my store for a limited time, snag it while you can!

I had a scrap of some patterned paper to use up which was just perfect for this sketch. Pulling colors from the patterned paper for the cardstock, ribbon and buttons really pulls this card together. The ribbon looks a little funky in the pic but it's just a grosgrain ribbon with yellow stitching, not sure why it looks a bit odd in the photo?

"Happy Birthday" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Cardstock & Paper: DCWV; Button: American Crafts; Ribbon: Ofray; Stamp: Boxer Scrapbooks;

"Hugs" card by Ruth Trice
Supplies: Paper - Anna Griffin, flowers - Prima, Punches - Fiskars and The Punch Bunch, stamp - Hero Arts.

"Happy Birthday" card by Jan Tatomir
Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill; Paper: Scenic Route; Journaling Spots (circles): jillybean Soup; Rub: Melissa Frances; Ribbon: Strano Designs; Other: buttons

"Cameron's birthday card" card by Jackie Price & Katie Price
Supplies: Scraps

"Welcome Baby boy" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: GCD Studios It's A Party pp, Prima Pearl & Crystal , Such Sweet Tierney Buttons , Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch

"Seasons Greetings" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Cardstock ~ Bazzill; Patterned Paper & Chipboard ~ American Crafts; Sentiment Stamp ~ Fancy Pants; Ribbon ~ from stash

"For You" card by Celeste Brodnik
Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Pattern Paper: Basic Grey, Flowers: Prima Marketing, Cuttlebug Embossing Template, Quickutz Die Cut, Ribbon, Buttons: Craft Supply

"Autumn Birthday" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies: Cardstock - local dept store, Ric-rac - Maya Road, Flower - Scrapping Angels, Twine from stash, Chipboard shapes & button - Fancy Pants, Patterned Paper - Scenic Route, Stamp - Purple Onion Designs

"It's your day" card by Linda Flinders



Tape dress form

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yep back on the sewing thing! I have a TON of clothes that need altering since I dropped almost 2 sizes and being as I'm thifty I want to get to doing that myself :) A while back somewhere on the web I saw a duck tape dress form and thought it was a genius idea! Not only is it identical to your own body (afterall it's modeled on you!) but cheap too! Naturally I've wanted to do one of my own a while, but Sunday we took 30 minutes and with an old t-shirt and some tape Bob got to work. Yep you need an extra pair of hand for sure!!! After some taping, some cutting and some time I am left with this:

It's not perfect cos it needs more stuffing around the shoulders and hips but it's definitely a start wouldn't you say? It's very weird seeing yourself in dress form, I was quite (pleasantly) surprised. I think we all imagine ourselves bigger, I know I did. Even though I know I lost weight and inches psychologically I still 'see' myself as bigger. Weird, we girls are our own worst enemies huh? Anyway just thought I'd share incase anyone else is into sewing, cos this is gonna be a time saver!!!




Back from stay-cation!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to routine, back in the saddle, back to 'normal'? Whatever you want to call it things are returning to the regularly scheduled program here at chez Hickman. Bob had to work some of last week (albeit from home, but still) so some plans got put on hold till a later date/vacation. The vacation started off pretty low key with a lunch at Souplantation, and the 9th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (addicting!!!) and then some bike prep for a planned ride out on Sunday. We were up bright and early Sunday morning too ready for the 100 mile trek to El Mirage.

The journey went pretty quick though, surprisingly, and we arrived around 10am and called our friends who were staying there in their RV. We hadn't seen Janry and Meilani for a long while (heck they brought their son William along and last I remember he was a baby!). Our mutual friend Orn was along too and we have the same bike :)

Yeah that's me sitting down, geared up and ready to head out! I have mismatching pants (blue) to the rest of my gear (red) which pains me cos for pics and scrapbooking I'd like to match, ah well. The old red pants kinda got a hole burned in them from the exhaust on our last outing (a LONG time ago!).

Yeah lots of bikes huh? Even little William had his own bike! So cute, with training wheels and everything, hehehe. Bob took some video footage on his camera of me tazzing around on the dry lake bed, so much fun! Will get that uploaded at some point for ya! Not much to see really, just like the pic below but moving. The place is SO HUGE, it's awesome! Still more sandy than I'd like on the trails but the lake beds makes up for it.

We did agree that the best part by far was being able to stay in the RV during the 'downtime'. Just being able to go to proper bathrooms (nightmare at some places, nothing more than a hole in the floor covered by a shack!), and grab a beer and put your feet up for a while. Definitely makes riding more relaxing.

Monday of course was Labor day here in the US, a national holiday, so we stayed home and did the traditional thing: BBQ! Bobs latest thing is mini bagels and so he made some sliders with some natural burger mix. We BBQ roasted some potatoes and had a little cook out on the patio, yummy!

See the sunbeams? Yeah it was a warm holiday for sure! I will also add that he finished up 5 out of the 6 sliders! The 6th one naturally got cut up for the dogs, who thought that sliders were delicious! They even ate the lettuce :)

Tuesday was our Wedding Anniversary, thanks for all the gratz messages on facebook etc. 11 years! Time flies! Anyway we left the house around lunch and headed down to Disneyland :) Finally got to go on the Toy Story Midway ride at the California park. It's awesome, loved it! Definitely recommend it! Much better than the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland. Here is a self portrait of us queueing to get on the ride :)

We did discover on the way down that our usual parking lot is closed now. No more Timon and Pumba parking, just a heads up if you are headed that way. They are renovating much of the California park too so that was interesting to see. Good thing too cos some of the attractions were pretty lame in that park. Glad to see they are putting money into both parks! Naturally we have inside info on some of the renovations they are doing over the next few years (Bob works for Disney remember! Yes we get in free!) so we know the basic plans, should be awesome once it's all done!

Wednesday Bob did have to pop into work briefly so I headed down with him and we went for lunch at the ABC commissary. The Studio's are fun, lots to see (not open to the public as far as I am aware). They have some awesome little touches around the Disney lot, so I took a few photo's.

Below is a pic of a bronze statue of Minnie Mouse and some guy I can't remember. It wasn't Walt Disney, I'm sure Bob will remind me later! On the wall are handprint plaques of famous people, like Manns chinese theatre, only vertical!

The main Disney building is HUGE, and we couldn't go inside but how cute is it to have the seven dwarves holding up the building? I loved that dopey was on the top. Yeah I cut one of the dwarves off on the left, but hey I was taking pics with my iphone! Give me a break :) Fun place to work though huh?

And naturally there is a statue of the man that started it all, Walt Disney, at the other end of the plaza with his most famous creation, Mickey Mouse.

We also went into a few of the buildings and I forget which is which but one had some cool props in it. Including the dresses from Enchanted and Pirates of the Carribean. Loved the Enchanted one, though the actress is pretty skinny if you ask me, though when I commented on this Bob naturally said the right thing "you could definitely fit into that". Gawd love him huh?

Pretty much other than some meals out (ok a LOT of meals out) and shopping, that was about it. I didn't do ANY crafting *shock* I know! In fact aside from two occassions I pretty much stayed off my computer!!! Can you beleive that? I updated facebook from my iphone and pretty much took some downtime from online. Oh I even took a break from fitness! I worked out twice (aside from dirtbiking and walking everywhere). Of course back to it today and I feel like my legs are going to drop off! lol!

Wow LONG post! I need to update a few things during September and I need to get back into a routine, or a new routine should I say. I've been saying that things are a-changing and this will be my first month with less crafty commitments and with more of a grasp on what *I* want for my/our future. Fun times ahead for sure! Back tomorrow with more pics and a sewing post :)