Monday Musings

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday morning again! Wow soon rolls around doesn't it? So to recap our weekend :) Friday we went out to celebrate. Celebrate what I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you! Friday I got my AFAA certificates in the mail, yay! I am now a certified aerobics/step instructor and personal trainer... again! lol!

Now comes the task of getting liability insurance etc, and creating a business plan, getting some business cards made etc etc. Never ends does it? I am also thinking of doing the ACSM Personal Training Certification as it's more recognized than AFAA.

Saturday and Sunday were spent eating, doing chores, working out and basically chilling. Saturday I was having one of my accident prone "dropsy" days. Just the days where I shouldn't leave the house, handle sharp objects or work machinery. Some days for me are just like that! Bob hurt his shoulder Sunday so he was out of commission though he did wash the car & truck and tinker about the house. Food wise we had a bit of an international weekend with Indian, Mexican and Thai. I still prefer Indian over all others though.

Now Monday rolls around again and another week begins! The fun never ends does it?


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