Card Sketch Oct #4

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking a break from coughing, sneezing and wheezing to bring you this weeks card sketch! I love this sketch and it's going to be one I use again and again. So easy with the digital template too for the text on a path :) Or you could use stamps or rub-ons for the same look.

As I feel like I am sitting here dying with the flu, I opted for quick and easy. Nothing for me is easier or quicker than using photoshop with one of my digital kits, printing it out then embellishing with some traditional supplies. This card took all of 10 minutes, most of which was me deciding on which color to do the horizontal band, lol!

"Happy Anniversary" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Revitalized Kit by Di Hickman, Flower by HOTP, Brad by Bazzill

"Snowflake" card by Chrys Rose
Supplies: Flair paper, Basic Grey paper and chipboard

"Monochrome Heart" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies: Patterned Paper - Making Memories, Pearls - Prima Marketing, Chipboard Heart - Heidi Swapp, Stickles, Red Velvet paper cut on a Craft Robo to make trim, Stabilo Pen

"Happy Birthday" card by Lizzy Davidson
Supplies: pink background paper was from a set I got from a local book store, the candles are epoxy stickers from paper cellar, white souffle pen from sakura.

"Happy Holidays" card by Linda Flinders

"Merry Christmas" card by Jo Willis
Supplies: Papermill card, DCWV paper, Distress ink, Green Tara blossom, Creative Imagination chipboard snowflake, Dovecraft adhesive ribbon and brad, vintage Letraset dry transfer lettering, Stickles and a black fine pen.

"Snowman" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Paper ~ Rob n Bob Studio; Felt Fusion ~ Queen & Co; Snowman Panel ~ Etsy; Gems ~ A muse



book review: 101 things

101 things to do before you turn 40 by Kristin McCracken

I got this book from the library on whim. Just browsing around one day and saw it popping out. The title immediately appealed to me because of my 101 things in 1001 days project which culminates in my 40th birthday, so this should be an ideal book right? Not really. I knew it was no novel but I did expect more. I knew I wasn't the target audience for this book when the first item on the agenda was "quit your book club". I haven't ever been in a book club, nor do I plan on it. "Make out with the best man" or "date a 25 yr old for the last time" isn't an option for me either, I don't think my husband would approve! "Eat the worm" referred to downing the worm in tequilla, well I hardly drink, and I never drink tequilla, it's vile, plus I'm vegetarian! The same reason I won't "Go fishing". The advise to "Musically upgrade" was a little out of date, advising to get your music on CDs, when it's more likely that digital format would be the upgrade of choice these days surely? But then I didn't look how old the book was so...

There were a few things in the book that I had already done and would totally agree on them being in there but it was interesting to see the authors perspective from an obvious single 30 something woman. If I were single, not a vegetarian, a smoker and not a fitness instructor there might be more things on the list I'd be interested in adding to my own 101 list.

Things I want to do from the book: "Build a nest egg" was sound advice and I really would like to "learn to scuba dive" also as a scrapbooker I am already on the way for "document your life". "Pierce something other than your ear" is something I have thought about, considering a belly button piercing, but I dunno.

I think basically the book is some fun (very) light reading, say if you were stuck in bed with flu for example (cough) and good for kick starting your own 101 list. Just don't expect many of the suggestions listed to be things you necessarily want to do yourself. Would I recommend it? Not really, just go online to the 101 in 1001 site and look at other peoples list for more information list suggestions.


Still have the lurgy

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So I am loathe to say I feel a bit better today, that's because last time I said that I went to walk the dogs with Bob and felt like my chest was gonna explode off my body. This is the first time I've been sick since my last flu which was almost 2 years ago, I think I forgot how crappy it makes you feel. Anyway I thought I would share my two best friends over the past 3+ days, first the lovely NyQuil (and DayQuil). This is my first line of defense against any cold/flu bug. Helps me sleep and really calms a sore scratchy throat.
And secondly the ever so awesome Puffs moisturizing lotion tissues, so soft on the nose that you don't get the dreaded red scratchy nose from all the blowing and sneezing. Totally recommend these if you get a cold/flu/allergies.
If I had to add a third it would be fluids! Especially hot tea... and soup. We've gotten through a few tea bags over the past weekend for sure!

As an aside one of the weirdest symptoms of the flu I have ever had this time is the roof of my mouth going numb. Bob thinks maybe just from inflamed sinuses but it's very strange. The feeling is gradually coming back now though! Totally freaked me out though! lol. Sitting here on the computer for the first time since last week (yikes) and trying to do some chores today. Slow and steady with lots of breaks for naps I think!


Monday Musings

Monday, October 26, 2009

Well Friday was a strange day! I did a double workout Friday morning, felt great! I went shopping, did some thrifting, came home and watched some TV then somewhere between 4pm and 6pm I took really sick. By Saturday morning I had full blown flu. Never had it hit that fast and hard before and it really took me by storm. Since then I've pretty much just been coughing, spluttering, sneezing, wheezing and feverish. Bob has been great with his nursing duties and has been taking great care of me :) What a weekend though! I'm still not very well either as my symptoms get stranger and stranger, the latest includes the roof of my mouth going numb? Odd I know! But I'll take that over the aches and pains I was feeling Friday and Saturday.

Last time I was this sick was almost 2 years ago, in fact I think that was the last time I was sick at all when I came back from winter CHA in 2008. No idea where this flu came from, but dang it hit me hard! Today's agenda includes sleeping, having a shower and making my own lunch (microwaved soup bowl). As it is that will probably tire me out enough to warrant another sleep in the afternoon.

Sharing a Boxer card today. Fall is certainly here isn't it? Doesn't seem too long ago I was complaining about the temperatures being above 100 degrees, and now I am searching out sweaters and winter coats! Snowboarding season will soon be here! Just thought I'd share a fall card this week. Nice and simple and the patterned paper really feels like fall doesn't it?

More seasonal projects soon!



Thrifty Thursday

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you've been paying attention to the blog recently you'll see this is a recurring theme. I LOVE thrifting what can I say? Where else could you get almost new (and sometimes brand new) clothing for a buck or two a piece? Anyway today I just wanted to share some tips that I've picked up for thrifting.
  • Check out your yellow pages or google search for stores in your area. Not all of them are in the yellow pages so ask friends too. You'd be surprised at the people you know that go thrifting!
  • Once in the store check around for opening hours, and discount days. I've mentioned before but ours seems to be Friday and weekends that specials run. Goodwill has regular discount Fridays on different items, our other thrift store seems to cycle through sales (womens, kids, shoes etc).
  • Try everything on. Whilst Goodwill does do refunds you only get store credit (at least that is the case in our area). Our other store doesn't do refunds BUT they have a changing area to try on clothes. I ALWAYS try on clothes, unless they are same brand/size/style to something I already own. Just because you are a size 4 in one brand does equal size 4 in all brands!!!
  • Check the item carefully. Sometimes there is a reason things are at the thrift store. 90% of the time it's just because the previous owner grew tired of them, or outgrew them, but that other 10% is tat with rips, tears and weirdness of all types! Check, check, then check again! This includes: zips, underarms (look for discoloring, pilling or rips), check backs of t-shirts for print (some companies print business info on the back only) etc.
  • Know the prices. Goodwill prices every item of a certain price the same, long sleeve tops will all be the same price, short sleeve tops all the same etc. Other thrift stores price items individually. I prefer the latter. Items should be priced per item IMO, not all clothing is created equal or worth the same $$.
  • Remember just because it's cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it, or buy everything in your size! Will you really wear everything you have in your basket? If the answer is no then put it back!!! The idea is to reduce the landfill items, save yourself money and help out a charity at the same time but if things are just going to clutter your house then step away and put it back.
  • Thrifting is a great way to add accessories to an existing wardrobe. Whether scarves, bags or shoes all can be found at the thrift store. If you are unsure about shoes, just remember that each pair you buy regularly in a store has been tried on probably 30-40 times easily till you popped them on and decided to buy them. Especially true of a place like Target where all the shoes are out on display instead of in the back store. So what's the difference? Plus for boots etc you can buy insoles if you are squeamish!
  • Like all good stores go often. The stock changes a lot as people bring in new stuff. I try and check ours out once a week or at least once every other week. Some weeks I come away with nothing, sometimes I hit the mother load :) Think of it like a garage sale, one mans trash is another mans treasure!


Card Sketch Oct #3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This weeks card sketch is loosely based on an old previously published card design of mine. I like taking bits and pieces of cards and mushing them together :) This can be nice and simple design or fussied up. The stitching around the edge really adds a nice touch I think? Remember although I used buttons as an embellishments, the elements on the sketch are a suggestion, go wild!

This weeks card came together pretty easy for me. I am trying to use up my stash and as I had a partial piece of the floral peach paper I just searched for a matching design in the same paper stack. The swirly bird paper had a sentiment already printed on the paper so it seemed silly to add another :) Love it when I have to do less work ;)

"Love" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Paper: DCWV "Whimsy" stack; Ric Rac: Boxer Scrapbooks; Rub-ons: one heart... one mind; Shell: Craft store

"Happy Christmas" card by Linda Flinders

"Happy Birthday" card by Lizzy Davidson
Supplies: Scalloped card, craft creations. checked paper printed from a crafters companion creative disk.the sentiment and brown dots craft creations, paper lace from papermill.the hearts are paper cellar

"Merry Christmas" card by Louise Connell
Supplies: Papers ~ Cosmo Cricket; Rub on sentiment ~ Imaginisce; Ribbon ~ from stash; Gems ~ A muse

"Thank You" card by Jo Willis
Supplies: Kraft card, Jenni Bowlin papers, Craftwork adhesive lace, Amy Butler stamp, black Versafine ink, Prima flowers, Papermania vinyl stickers, HOTP brad, Crafty Notions Rainbow Drops and black Sakura pen.

"Merry Christmas" card by Chrys Rose
Supplies: K & Co paper; Bo Bunny rub on; Boxer Scrapbook buttons

"Congrats" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies: Patterned Paper - Scribble Scrabble, Rub-ons - October Afternoon, Trim - John Lewis Haberdashery, Brads - Making Memories, Pearls - Papermania, Chipboard Heart - Heidi Swapp

"Fall Harvest" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: Basic Grey Mellow 6x6 pad, Such Sweet Tierney buttons , Fiskars Apron Lace border punch



Get Well Soon

People I know ask me for cards all the time, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine etc. But this was the first time I'd been asked for a Get Well card. Bobs boss Rachel and her husband Dan were on vacation recently when their Harley fell over onto Dan and ended up breaking his leg in five places, ouch! Bikes falling over is pretty common, Bob has had it happen to him when he was doing some maintenance. Anyway Dan has been pinned and plastered and is on the mend, so everyone at work decided to send him a little cheer up basket of goodies and a card. Bob volunteered me to make the card :) This was the first time he'd asked so I wanted to make something personal and special, which I know that's the purpose of handmade cards but you know what I mean!

Firstly there was the problem that this is for a guy, I always struggle with guy cards. This means soft colors are out, as are ribbons, lace, and anything remotely 'girly'. So I went to my old standby for guy stuff: SEI Kaboom. Seriously I know this is an old paper line now, but I STILL love it!

The card itself was about 9"x7', I did some layering with the papers then printed the text off on the computer. I think the puffy stickers and the papers were apt for the occasion don't you? Nothing says bike fell on me like "Vroooooom splat!" Once I'd done it it looked too 'square' so I added the starbursts after and thought that went well with the theme too!

The card was well received by Dan who sent out an email of thanks to the whole team, and thankfully he saw the funny side of the sentiment ;)


Monday Musings

Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday I had a job interview for a position back in the fitness industry. Really been a while since I was around fitness professionals and it really felt like home again being around like minded individuals. Should hear back from them in the next week or so about the position, so fingers crossed!

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday we celebrated Diwali by going to the local Indian place for curry lunch buffet. They had Shahi Paneer on the buffet so we were very happy, love Shahi Paneer at Indian Hawelli. Much better there than at Kohinoor where we at last. So we pigged out on curry :) Well as much as I can pig out these days! Sunday I got some much needed cleaning done around the house, and some paperwork filed. Amazing how that stuff piles up before you know it! Good to get ontop of things again. The house really needs work, trying to declutter is NOT easy. I know I'll get there soon, I just need to buckle down and put the time in. Especially if I get this fitness job as my schedule will change dramatically so I should try and get chore routines going now!

I received notice that the Cards For Heroes group received my box of greeting cards. Good to know. I sent off 50+ cards in a flat rate box. Just cards I had lying around with no particular reason to hang onto them. If the cards haven't been published yet I tended to hang onto them 'just in case' but with manufacturers going out of business I decided to cull those cards and just box them up for the military. It's a good cause and I don't mind one bit! A good friend of mine has her husband deployed in Afganistan right now so I know how important keeping in touch with loved ones is!

Just sharing my calendar page for October using the 6x6 calendar :) Love this size! Being small it fits anywhere, perfect for kids, and when you assemble the pages they are super quick and easy!

Hoping to share more calendar pages soon!



Fit Fridays - more to measure!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Marilyn Monroe sang that "diamonds are a girls best friend", if that is true then our enemy is... the weight scale!

Most women (and some men) are totally besotted with the number on the scale. It's a love hate relationship that can make or break our mood for the day/week. When I was at my heaviest I was 148lbs. I know, I know, many would kill to be a size 6 but for ME and my frame it was overweight. I knew this not by the number on the scale but because those size 6 jeans were getting snug, too snug, and a little muffin top action was coming along for the ride too!

If you weigh yourself everyday you aren't doing yourself any favors! Our weight can fluctuate so much on a daily basis it's truly not funny! Seriously! Most "weight loss experts" advise weighing yourself once a week, fitness instructors advise that if you MUST weigh yourself then go for once a month, or once every three months. Why? Well instead we prefer other measurements, like body measurements or fat % (body composition). These can change without any weight loss/gain so really does the number on the scale really matter?

My personal experience has shown that body composition changes your SHAPE more than weight loss. The reason for this is that per lb fat takes up TWICE the area than muscle. So a person who is 200lbs but with a low body fat % can LOOK (and feel) much better than a 150lb person with a high body fat percentage. The difference is shown below as to why we need to switch our thinking from WEIGHT loss, to composition change.

I'd rather see people with more muscle than fat any day, even if they end up weighing exactly the same (or slightly more) and change ONLY their body composition. This can drop inches, and clothing sizes. I haven't been losing anymore weight over the past month or so but my body is still changing. Dropping fat and building some muscle I have dropped another clothes size, now to a size 3 (Yep I fit in junior sizes! I apparently have the body of a teenager).

So instead of obsessing over a number on the scale, take some measurements, get some body fat calipers, or just go by your clothing size instead. It's too easy to step on the scale and get demotivated because you worked so hard yet didn't lose weight, but not see that instead of losing weight you lost 1" off your waist! So throw out the scale, buy a tape measure and join in the body composition revolution!


Thrity Thursday :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been thrifting again! Pretty much haven't told you about the last two thrifting trips so here is a quick round up post. I went two weeks ago to find 25% off all clothing and shoes, so I got a two pairs of jeans and some tops. One of the jeans were Calvin Klein jeans, and only cost me $3! Bargain. I got a big load of t-shirts that trip that were all Misses size small! They fit great though, really shows that the Womens M/S I have are really baggy. Anyway I think I may be set for t-shirts for a while, but hey winter is coming right and it's all about layers! lol!

Me in the Calvin Klein size 3 jeans and So t-shirt.

My last trip to the thrift store was last Friday. I popped in on the way to grocery shopping. Wasn't really looking for anything in particular, just a quick browse. BUT they had a notice up stating 50% off women's clothes! How could I NOT buy anything??? I ended up with 2 pairs of pants, a cardigan, a sweater and a couple of t-shirts. Really looking for a winter jacket to wear whilst walking the dogs. The snowboard jacket that I usually wear has always been big (it's mens small as I recall), but now it totally buries me!

All this for $7, bargain city!

I really wasn't sure about the cardigan, I have one similar that is plainer no fluffies and zip up, but when I saw the 50% off that made it just $1! How could I NOT buy it? If I wear it once I'll be happy. Though I wear my other one a lot. I figure this one is a bit dressier with the fluffies. It's just a wool trim but for me, it's quite girly! The tees are all Misses/Jnrs again. GreenDay one rocks, love GreenDay and with 50% off it was just 50c lol! I like the brown monkey one, will be good with jeans around the house, and the bottom one is a music themed tee, again I like it. For 50c each worth buying I think! The white pants are cords, teeny bit too long but hey for $2 I can get handy with a sewing machine!

Oh and as an aside. The jeans/pants I bought recently are a size 3! Though one pair is from Old Navy and a size 2, maybe they are sized big? I dunno! Just goes to show you always need to try clothes on! In one brand you are a 4, others a 3, and others a 2! Crazy!


Card Sketch Oct #2

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Card sketch #2 for October, half way through the month already! Soon by Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah then all go for 2010! Sheesh! This weeks sketch is based off a card I made a couple of years ago, just spruced things up, moved text and generally made it better :)

I have an amazingly untidy room right now, midway through some projects and with my sewing area in here too now things are just reaching a point where I didn't want to get more stuff out, so I went digital. I used my Christmas Joy kit and got a start on the holiday cards :)

"Seasons Greetings" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Christmas Joy kit by Di Hickman

"Travel" card by Celeste Brodnik
Supplies: Pattern Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories; Rubons: Little Yellow Bicycle; Stamps: Scrappy Cat; Ink: Ranger; Corner Rounder: Marvy Uchida; Buttons, Twine: Craft Supply

"Toil & Trouble" card by Jan Tatomir
Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill; Paper: Reminisce; Letter Stickers; Making Memories; Buttons: Dress It Up; Punch: EK Success

"Autumn Days" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: Basic Grey Mellow 6x6 paper pad, Martha Stewart's Loopy border and corner punch, Such Sweet Tierney chipboard buttons

"Jolly Holly" card by Linda Flinders

"Merry Christmas" card by Chrys Rose
Supplies: American Crafts paper; K & Co paper; Imaginisce rub ons; Boxer Scrapbook buttons; Karen Foster scrapper's floss

"Tiny Miracle" card by Annette Taylor
Supplies: Patterned Paper - Basic Grey, Stamps - Kim Hughes, Blooms - Prima, Felt Brad - Woodware, Cardstock - Bazzill, Trim - John Lewis Haberdashery, Pearl Paint - Viva Decor

"Happy Birthday" card by Lizzy Davidson
Supplies: Pink back ground paper was from a kit from a local company. Misc Paper & Flower

Remember to check in the comments and let me know if you make a card with the sketch!



Busy busy

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy weekend, lots to talk about not enough time. I also have a busy week ahead! What is it with life that some weeks are like insanely busy? Urgh! Anyway I may be scarce this week depending on how I do with all the stuff I have going on. Just a heads up!




Saturday, October 10, 2009

This week I thought I'd share a page I made for my pets scrapbook album. Yep if you know me, you KNOW I am a HUGE dog lover. Which is why I LOVE Boxer products. There pet products is what introduced me to Boxer and what made me apply for the Design Team and why I stay :) I just LOVE their dog papers and products!

Also whilst I am on the subject of dogs (my favorite subject) remember that in the Boxer store we now have the large firehydrant chipboard album kit :) If you've been to a scrapbook show you've probably seen this album I made, and Angie and Vicki made the album into a kit :) How awesome is that?

You can check out the album kit at the Boxer website, for details, more pics, prices and ordering info. I loved making this album and hope you all love it too!



Card Sketch Oct #1

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October already! Soon be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and Holiday season will be upon us soon! Yikes! Better get prepared really and start making my holiday cards. Sketches make holiday cards easy so I should set aside some time to do that this month.

Sometimes when I create cards with the sketches I struggle and sometimes it's almost like the cards make themselves. This card was the latter. I just picked up a paper pack I'd worked with recently and voila, done! Love it when that happens!

"Happy Birthday" card by Di Hickman
Supplies: Paper: MAMBI; Stamp: Kim Hughes (CHF); Ink: CTMH; Button: Misc

"Happy Holidays" card by Celeste Brodnik
Supplies: Pattern Paper, Die Cut: Making Memories; Label Maker: Around the Block; Ribbon: Michaels Stores; Stickles: Ranger

"Happy Birthday" card by Lizzy Davidson
Supplies: Scalloped card by craft creations, green spot/flowery paper: double sided sugar plum paper. Pink floral ribbon by the East of India company, the happy birthday greeting is by craft creations, spotty flowers: prima

"Thinking of You" card by Pearl Liu
Supplies: Graphic 45 Renaissance papers , Prima Parlour Petals , 7 Gypsies a la card sentiment , Maya Road Sheer ribbon

"Happy Birthday" card by Jan Tatomir
Supplies: Paper: Jenni Bowlin; Cardstock: Bazzill; Flowers: Prima; Pearls: K&Company; Rub: Melissa Frances; Other: machine stitching

"Happy Birthday" card by Jackie Price
Supplies: scraps, prima flowers, button

"Tis the Season" card by Linda Flinders


Read more... October

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My latest article for is up online and available for viewing. You can check it out here. Thought I'd share a teaser of the layout I made for this article called "Feelin' Good!". Basically inspired by my rediscovered love of health and fitness.

I have to say I love these papers from Me & My Big Ideas. How fun are they? The layout is hybrid, I printed the photo's with borders and printed the journaling using the reverse text technique. Plus as I said to my friend Nancy when I showed her the layout "Flowers AND bling on the same layout!!!". HAHAHA has to be a first for me!

Check out all the other great articles this month at



Super Student

Saturday, October 3, 2009

More back to school style cards this week! This would be good for anytime of the year though really as it's more student achievement oriented :) We all need a little encouragement now and again don't we?

This card was published in Scrapstreet magazine. More published work soon!



New thrifty finds :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last week I went thrift store shopping (again). I am gravitating to the closest thrift store as it's closer, better stuff and cheaper than Goodwill. Last week I popped in twice and found that they do seem to have a decent turn over of supplies so I think I may be making it a part of my weekly shop. I have to go past there to go to the Market so seems silly not to at least pop in right?

Anyway here's my favorite items from last weeks haul :) First up a pair of boots and a handbag both $3 each. I have to be careful with items like this as I'm vegetarian and I don't wear leather, so all leather looking items must be inspected carefully. These were all man-made materials I am happy to say :) So I snapped them up! They will look great with Jeans this fall!

When I picked up the bag another woman struck up a conversation with me that she had been looking at the bag and couldn't decide on it. I just figured "hey you snooze - you lose!" lol! My other good find last week was this bag, a black one this time so it's allowed (and I have a 'thing' for bags!). It's a Mudd brand, shoulder bag and a perfect size for everyday use :)

Other finds last week include a pair of Levi jeans and 4 t-shirts. In all I spent about $15 on everything! Awesome! Anyone else been thrifting lately?