New thrifty finds :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last week I went thrift store shopping (again). I am gravitating to the closest thrift store as it's closer, better stuff and cheaper than Goodwill. Last week I popped in twice and found that they do seem to have a decent turn over of supplies so I think I may be making it a part of my weekly shop. I have to go past there to go to the Market so seems silly not to at least pop in right?

Anyway here's my favorite items from last weeks haul :) First up a pair of boots and a handbag both $3 each. I have to be careful with items like this as I'm vegetarian and I don't wear leather, so all leather looking items must be inspected carefully. These were all man-made materials I am happy to say :) So I snapped them up! They will look great with Jeans this fall!

When I picked up the bag another woman struck up a conversation with me that she had been looking at the bag and couldn't decide on it. I just figured "hey you snooze - you lose!" lol! My other good find last week was this bag, a black one this time so it's allowed (and I have a 'thing' for bags!). It's a Mudd brand, shoulder bag and a perfect size for everyday use :)

Other finds last week include a pair of Levi jeans and 4 t-shirts. In all I spent about $15 on everything! Awesome! Anyone else been thrifting lately?



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