Thrifty Thursday

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you've been paying attention to the blog recently you'll see this is a recurring theme. I LOVE thrifting what can I say? Where else could you get almost new (and sometimes brand new) clothing for a buck or two a piece? Anyway today I just wanted to share some tips that I've picked up for thrifting.
  • Check out your yellow pages or google search for stores in your area. Not all of them are in the yellow pages so ask friends too. You'd be surprised at the people you know that go thrifting!
  • Once in the store check around for opening hours, and discount days. I've mentioned before but ours seems to be Friday and weekends that specials run. Goodwill has regular discount Fridays on different items, our other thrift store seems to cycle through sales (womens, kids, shoes etc).
  • Try everything on. Whilst Goodwill does do refunds you only get store credit (at least that is the case in our area). Our other store doesn't do refunds BUT they have a changing area to try on clothes. I ALWAYS try on clothes, unless they are same brand/size/style to something I already own. Just because you are a size 4 in one brand does equal size 4 in all brands!!!
  • Check the item carefully. Sometimes there is a reason things are at the thrift store. 90% of the time it's just because the previous owner grew tired of them, or outgrew them, but that other 10% is tat with rips, tears and weirdness of all types! Check, check, then check again! This includes: zips, underarms (look for discoloring, pilling or rips), check backs of t-shirts for print (some companies print business info on the back only) etc.
  • Know the prices. Goodwill prices every item of a certain price the same, long sleeve tops will all be the same price, short sleeve tops all the same etc. Other thrift stores price items individually. I prefer the latter. Items should be priced per item IMO, not all clothing is created equal or worth the same $$.
  • Remember just because it's cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it, or buy everything in your size! Will you really wear everything you have in your basket? If the answer is no then put it back!!! The idea is to reduce the landfill items, save yourself money and help out a charity at the same time but if things are just going to clutter your house then step away and put it back.
  • Thrifting is a great way to add accessories to an existing wardrobe. Whether scarves, bags or shoes all can be found at the thrift store. If you are unsure about shoes, just remember that each pair you buy regularly in a store has been tried on probably 30-40 times easily till you popped them on and decided to buy them. Especially true of a place like Target where all the shoes are out on display instead of in the back store. So what's the difference? Plus for boots etc you can buy insoles if you are squeamish!
  • Like all good stores go often. The stock changes a lot as people bring in new stuff. I try and check ours out once a week or at least once every other week. Some weeks I come away with nothing, sometimes I hit the mother load :) Think of it like a garage sale, one mans trash is another mans treasure!


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