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Monday, September 21, 2009

It's done! I made my first real item on my Serger last week! I've had this material in my stash for a LONG while now, those that read the blog regularly will know that we have 2 dalmatians so how could I NOT buy this? Plus it was a remnant, I don't even remember how much I paid for it but it wasn't much. Obviously the natural choice for this material was cushions. River especially likes to rest on cushions (and towels/blankets etc, I swear she was a cat in a previous life). So I got busy...

Just laid the material out, wrong sides together then stitch around the edges leaving a 4" gap to turn inside out then stuff :) Simple process that only took me longer than necessary because I threaded the Serger incorrectly *sigh*. Anyway after sewing/serging I stuffed the cushions with stuffing from some old cushions. These old ones were made with fleece covers, which if you have dogs you'll know fleece is a dog hair magnet! So I refashioned/recycled in a sense too! (plus the old cushion covers I used to stuff my dress form! Nothing gets wasted here in this house!) All that was left then, was to handstitch the opening shut and voila, done!

Not sure yet what my next project will be. So many things I need to work on, but that's one project down and it's my first proper sewing with the Serger! It made things super easy and super sturdy :) Totally inspired to tackle something a little more difficult now! Maybe some dog coats for the winter?


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