Fit Friday

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just checking in on the fitness front! Still a size small (XS in some clothing) and still trying to get cut :) After a week on staycation where I didn't really watch my eating I am back to my regular healthy eating trying to drop some body fat. Ideally I'd like to lose another 2% body fat, I think that would really show off my abs and give me the six pack. Today I am vowing to make a concerted effect to obtain a six pack. After seeing some ab definition come in over the last month or so I know I can do it!

Since Monday I've changed up my fitness routine a bit. I am doing a modified version of P90X. Basically I'll be doing the strength training routines from P90X and the ab ripper, but the cardio I am going to do myself using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as I have had the most results with HIIT compared to other cardio. However I have taken a break from HIIT this week as I hurt my knee :( No, not by exercising! No, that would be too logical! In fact it's a dog injury! Sky was super excited to go for walks one day last week and just ran full pelt into my leg causing it to hyperextend and basically I believe I overstretched the tendons in the knee. It IS getting better and I am back running again, albeit slower and shorter distances, but better that than the hobbling around I was doing earlier this week! This morning I did 3 miles and increased the speed on the interval high to 6mph and it felt ok. But I am taking it slow so I don't do further damage.

Part of the P90X program is the Ab Ripper X workout, it rocks! Tough workout but I am finally almost at a point 3 weeks later (not counting my week break) where I can almost do the whole 15 minute routine without a rest! Thursday I only stopped during the V-up/roll up combo. That's only cos I can't do a V-up from a supine position... one day! But all that is a far cry from the first time I did the workout and couldn't get past the first 3 exercises without resting! My goal for September is to make it through the whole thing without stopping, even if I have to modify the V-ups into curls! I found the Ab Ripper X video on google vids so check it out, totally worth it!

Of course today I am kinda struggling a little with a bit of a booty ache! Yesterday was legs and back and I think we did about 400 squats/lunges, maybe more, and I feel like my butt cheeks are gonna drop off, lol!

What are your fitness goals this month? I know some of you are training for half marathons. Make goals everyone, then take steps to achieve those goals.


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