2 layouts.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

..done this morning! The first I can't show ya cos its for a competition. But I can say that its about fashion, has pics of ME! *shock* and has handjournalling, handcut arrows and my favorit paper - christina cole!
The other one is for the midmonth challenge at Scrapologie. Theme: Scrap the one thing you think plays the greatest role in your day to day life. I chose to do this layout.
I fluffed around with it for ages, pushing around fibres, ribbons, epoxy stickers, flowers and in the end I left it as is.. bare. The odd thing is this is the 2nd attempt at this layout, I had it all layed out in my head. But the first one I foam stamped on. I liked the look but it was too messy for my graphic linear self. I'm getting very into list just lately, and putting cardstock off centre.

Edit: I ought to add that the white outline is just there for show, so that it pops off this black backgound, cos the first upload you couldn't really tell the background was black.


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