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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Making plans! Laura @ dream elevator has been urging us to organise ourselves in order to get where we want to be both personally and professionally. I already started on the personal stuff earlier this year when I found the cyclediet. Business wise I am slowly getting round to stuff. Do you know I've had a website for my ebay stuff (spotoncreations) for months and done nothing with it? Come to mention it I haven't done any projects for ebay this week. I applied for a Design Team that I got a little heads up on (thanks Alsmom!). I have my submissions notebook here on the table, all up to date and ready for me to start work on, thats something! I need to start organising 'business time' though. Sitting down for 15 mins a day and getting that site up and running (its half there). I need business cards, letterheads etc. Also I need cards for ME plus spotoncreations, so I can keep submissions stuff separate. One thing I have noticed is that Scrapbio doesn't always work (maybe its not 100% compatable with firefox?), but instead it redirects you to microsofts msn homepage. I'm wondering whether to include this in spotoncreations or a special dedicated site, maybe trying scrapbook resumes instead? Decisions!
In other news I won the January "outta the box" competition at creatingwithpaper! Whoo!
I'll update later with a marketing plan, promise...


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