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Monday, March 15, 2010

Well things are back to normal this week, whatever normal is anymore! Chatting on Skype with Bob last week made me appreciate the value of the internet a whole lot more, and making the most of it in the future. That was one of the reasons for trying out the vlog post on Friday and hopefully going to be doing more of those soon :) Though hopefully next time my room will be tidier hopefully, lol! Though I think the craft table will always be a mess, sign of a creative mind right? Speaking of crafts here is a card I made over the weekend whilst tidying up. Hoping to get it up on Etsy this week when I get a spare minute.

Supplies: Papers & Stickers: Rusty Pickle; Misc Buttons & Cardstock; Boxer Scrapbook Stamp;

This morning I taught Bosu class. Have to say I am LOVING Bosu. Possibly even more than step, those that know me know I LOVE me some step so that's a HUGE thing for me to admit :) Just so many more possibilities with a Bosu. I'll be covering Grace's 5pm Bosu class on Wednesday too so double Bosu this week! Wednesday will also be a double exercise day as I teach Kickboxing in the morning... first time doing a double class the same day so that will be interesting. At least they aren't back to back (yet)!

This afternoon I'm back into the fray, and into my office closet. I have a TON of stuff I'll be donating at the end of the month. Most of this is organizing, purging, and sitting down and thinking "do I NEED all this stuff" and "is this making me happy"? If the answer is "no", then out it goes!

On a side note, I am drinking a LOT of water today and have a tickley throat. Praying it's allergies and not a cold/flu... I'm fit and healthy and haven't been sick since September but Bob did just travel by airplane and we all know those things are a haven for picking up bugs :( Allergies I can deal with, I have some lovely pink pills for that...

Happy Monday everyone!



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