Vlog post - blasts from the past 2008

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just thought I'd share today some footage of when we went to Warner Springs Ranch back in Sept 2008 to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Warner Springs is a hot springs resort. We stayed there for 3 days and did the whole relaxation thing, hot spring baths, horseriding, walks around the golf course (with the dogs) and we also went for a ride in a glider. The hot springs were definitely the best thing though!

I'm uploading another horseriding video, plus a video of us up in a glider, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Thankfully no footage or photo's of me being sick in the glider (ewww). Yeah I was fine through the whole thing till we just started going round, and round, and round the mountains. I'm weird I admit it, Rollercoasters I can deal with, buses however I get travel sick on. It's the constant motion I think. Anyways the heat and confined space didn't help either. Still, it's something we'll remember forever!

Seems strange to look at this and think that the clothes I wore then are now HUGE on me. Also looking at my arms and seeing no muscle definition looks weird now. This was a few months before I started back on my fitness journey (Dec 2008) so I was probably around 148lbs here.

Gonna be dragging up some other video footage to post as soon as I find it!



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