Operation Office Organization Underway!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Afternoon all! It's OOO time! That's operation office organization!!! Just taking a break for some random silliness :) If you know me IRL you'll know I don't take life too seriously, no matter the situation things are ALWAYS made better with some humor. That's my belief anyway, hence the damn laughter lines (they aren't wrinkles!) forming around my eyes :) Too much laughing :)

So after a pathetic attempt to clear out my scrapbook paper (I purged a 3" stack truly pathetic) I am onto sorting out the closet and wow the treasures you find in there! It's like Santa's grotto! Or Shreks grotto? We got these 'Shrek ears' at E3 many years ago, been in a box in the closet since, gonna see if I can get some pics of the dogs wearing these, scrapbook layout waiting to happen there I think :)

Ok since I've been using Skype all week to chat with Bob whilst he's been away at GDC in San Fransisco I've become quite fond of chatting to a webcam so I am gonna try Vlogging again. Someone hold me to this! Below is a test of different video options, let me know which format you prefer, blogger video or YouTube! First up is bloggers video embedding, test, test, 1,2...

For YouTube junkies here is the same vid on youtube. I plan on making a few more of these Vlogs addicting, and sooo much quicker than typing :)

If you want you can subscribe to my youtube channel, whatever that means :) I think it means you get email updates as soon as I upload them? Not 100% sure on that one.

I've been trying to streamline things, linking things all up to the same email account so lots of things getting done.

Also if anyone is in the Simi Valley area and wants a load of free craft supplies email me! I have a tote full of paper, stamps, punches, and general crafting stuff.

Ok back into the depths of the office closet for me!



NancyJones March 12, 2010 at 4:54 PM  

lovin the shrek ears... my scrap room looks just like that right now lol

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