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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Morning! Just a quickie post to let you all know what I've been up to lately. Yesterday was a fun day and something new for me. I taught two classes yesterday, 9.30am kickboxing then went back later for 5pm Bosu. I cannot believe I used to teach 6 classes a day back in England (I taught 25 a week regularly). I didn't feel tired yesterday but the travel and the showering, clothing changes, bags etc, just a lot to take in for one day when you're not used to it. I'm sure I will get used to it all again :) Though I don't plan on teaching anywhere near as many classes, certainly not 25 a week, unless they are all super easy ones like maybe when I start teaching yoga/pilates (one of my plans for 2010). Not that yoga or pilates are easy, but it's more teaching than doing. Less physical output for the instructor and more hands on. Hoping to get some personal training going too so that should help also!

Loving having the webcam, so quick and easy for taking pics! I love Nike workout clothing, can't beat it really. Dri-fit rocks! I used Nike Dri-fit back when I was teaching in England when it was pretty new and I still love it. Just wicks the sweat away leaving you feeling dry but still looking like you worked out :)

We have a new recipe book in the house! This is one we'd both heard lots about, I'd seen lots of veg blogs recommending it and when Bob was up in San Fransisco he bought us a copy. Veganomincon - the ultimate vegan cookbook. We're not vegans, we're vegetarians but still always good to get new ideas!

As you can see Bob already went through the book and marked all the things he wants to try first. Looking like lots of new recipes in our future! I am especially looking forward to trying the banana-nut waffles on Sunday morning for brunch! Must make a shopping list!!!

I follow a few veg blogs, both vegan and vegetarian and one of the things that surprises people is that even instructing 25 classes a week back in England, yes I was vegetarian. Seriously we don't NEED to eat meat, it's a choice. I have a TON of energy. I workout daily, walk the dogs 3x a day and this week I am teaching 4 classes. And yes you CAN be vegan and be an athlete, more on that soon though :)

Another book I am reading right now is "the work from home handbook - flex your time, improve your life". I am on chapter 6 and honestly so far not much in it for me. Hoping that chapter 6 on freelancing holds more information. I guess if you work in an office or something right now this could be more useful?

Next on my to-do list is:

Read "Self-employed tax solutions : quick, simple, money-saving, audit-proof tax and recordkeeping basics for the independent professional."

Do the "Billy Blanks: Tae Bo fat blasting cardio" - it's research really. I watch/do these workouts and if I pick up ONE thing from them that I can use or adapt for my classes then it's helpful. Plus sometimes I just need to switch off and workout myself.

Make something!!! I have 5 cards half done on my scraptable and lots of paper scraps. Either make something with them or just throw them away, seriously!

Go to the library switch out books/DVDs 

Go grocery shopping armed with list for veganomicon recipes. Hopefully make 1 or 2 new things each week. Tuesday we made veggie tacos. Just some Trader Joes taco shells with black beans, chorizo (veggie), lettuce, tomato, mushroom, daiya cheese and ranch. Almost vegan (except for the ranch though I could have used veganaise or vegan sour cream). Still delish though I could have eaten them without the chorizo and still enjoyed them.

I've never been one for mexican food, but I actually enjoyed these. Maybe it was the hard taco shells that helped rather than the regular wrap style ones? I dunno but these were pretty tasty.



nancypinct March 22, 2010 at 10:08 PM  

Hi Diane - I got your newsletter today and thought I would come here and leave you some thoughts. I really do/did love reading about both fitness and cardmaking. You are a pro-cardmaker! And we have a new focus on good health in my home so I guess I will have to read both blogs! Keep up the nice work, and please offer some more books (veggie) that you have found delicious! Thanks, Nancy P

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