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Monday, March 8, 2010

Wow what a week, what a weekend! So much to talk about... where to start... get comfy it's gonna be a long one!!!

I am now teaching two classes a week at Moorpark Athletic Club so come along and try it out: Monday 8.30am Bosu & Wednesday 9.30am Kickboxing :) Loving every minute of it!!! I am also sometimes there in the week covering other classes, but I'll teaching these whist Nikki is on maternity leave.

Last Wednesday I discovered I need to start paying closer attention to my calorie burn, workouts, eating and scheduling. Normally I do my class, have a protein shake, go grocery shopping, walk the dogs and then have lunch. Well last week I got such a dip in energy levels after walking the dogs - it was horrid. I actually had to go lie down. I guess I need more fuel after the kickboxing class! So I'm switching things up and taking a Clif bar for a post workout snack instead of the protein shake. It has slightly more cals, more carbs and well honestly it'll be easier to carry too! lol! I love these Clif Builders, 20g of protein (good for resistance days) and just 270 cals. Perfect for post workout! Especially for on the go :)

Clif Builder's Bar, Protein Bar, Chocolate Mint, 2.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

The regular Clif bars have 10g of protein and slightly lower cals, but I love them all, the choc brownie bar is yummy! These are pretty hardcore though, most people won't need these for a post workout snack, I guess I'm just pushing harder now. It really made me think about the workouts, eating and all that good stuff, and how I need to start paying better attention to stuff! I also need to get back to lifting heavy a couple of times a week for sure! Missing the push-ups and pull-ups! Must start doing P90X a couple of times a week, I bet Tony has missed me ;)

I'm Certified!
I passed! Everyone jump up down and celebrate! I passed my AFAA kickboxing certification exam :) I took the course back in mid February but it takes a few weeks to get your results. I was kinda quietly confident but you just never know, and as my first exam and course in the USA it's always tough that first time with nerves and getting back to learning! Anyway this means I now hold all FOUR AFAA certifications :) Quadruple threat!!! Here I am with my newest certificate:

I took this with my webcam, why did I not think of this before? This will make things so much easier!!! I still haven't figured out WHERE the darn thing stores pics on my computer but I can click the 'email to' button and just email it to myself and go from there, lol! Wow I look terrible without makeup! And red faced too! In my defense I was just out the shower after a workout lol!

We had dinner out with friends on Saturday (triple celebration of new jobs, promotion and my exam results) so we had much food, much conversation and the obligatory iPhone pics!

Dan, Bob, Me, Kass

Me post curry and beer consumption. First curry in a LOOOOONG while and it was goooood!
Bob not so full of curry, he ate in moderation to stay on his diet plan :)
 Dan and Bob having the usual iPhone photo exchange

And so that brings me to....

All by myself... (sing it Brigitte Jones style!) don't wanna be.... all by myself... anymore!!! Ha, go on you know you wanna sing it and the song will be in your head for DAYS! This week is going to be a weird one. Bob is away this week attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and so I am on my own Mon-Fri. What to do with myself? Well aside from work - DECLUTTER! I plan on totally blitzing my office and hopefully some of the house too :) Enough is enough!

Wish me luck!!!


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