HOF madness!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Its HOF time! Now I didn't enter so why am I all excited and nervous? Well cos my online buddies are a tooting at the pub! 21 toots so far out of 25 winners. Either Lisa B gave up calling till tomorrow or the other 4 aren't peas!
I really love all the excitement when toots are going up on the boards. Now if only I'd entered eh? Well the due date was just too close to B's parents going home and me getting my room scrap-ready so it just wasn't happening. I should have started WAY earlier, procrastinator! I vow that I WILL enter MMM if only for the experience of entering.
In other news I slept much better last night, still waking up but not half as bad! I am left still with this lovely 'barking' cough that is so irritable :( I feel a little more myself each day but still have a foggy head which makes concentrating terrible. I have a layout that needs doing on my table, decided on the papers, and photo but its needs to come together. Needs submitting by Friday at the latest. Also working on a couple of other projects. Just wish the foggyness would clear!


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