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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got this challenge from the forum at the memory safe :)
How often do you scrap? - Every day usually. Most afternoons I'm usually in my scraproom, I try to create "something" every day even if its just a tag, or I'm organising supplies/planning future creations :)
When do you prefer to scrap? - nights just cos its cooler. Currently its 95 degrees outside! and its only lunchtime! Thank goodness for A/C
How long do you typically scrap for? - totally depends on the mojo
How many layouts do you complete in a month? - hmm again tough cos it varies. I do all kinds of work: layouts, mini books, altered stuff, cards, tags. I think in June I did about 12 layouts plus some altered stuff and cards. I should keep track more!
Prefer to scrap alone, with a friend or at a crop? - at home, just cos all my stuff is here. I prefer to computer journal (though been using handjournalling more lately!). But I just couldn't bear the hassle of shifting all my stuff! It was bad enough scrapping in the lounge when we have overnight guests!
Favorite scrappin munchie? - I don't tend to eat and scrap, I browse scrappy message boards and blogs and eat though ;)
Favorite beverage? (obviously, in a sippy glass... placed away from pictures and layouts) - coke, or water. Usually on my computer table whilst I'm surfing scrapblogs and message boards
How do you organize your sessions for scrapping? - organise? lol! I have a planner (posted pics Monday) and I plan what I want to submit to, deadlines for DT projects, challenges I want to do etc.
Do you build page kits? - nope I don't really plan as such, I go with the flow :)
Do you make power layouts? - not really, layouts can take anywhere from 30 mins to 3 days depending on how I'm feeling creatively.
How often do you use sketch challenges? - I use sketches once or twice a month as challenges. I like sketches!
How often do you scrap lift? - not often, I should do this more though.
Do you watch tv, movies, or listen to the music? - music!!!
Do you crop sitting ot standing? - sitting
What albums or themes are you currently working on?
Any tips or tricks to share? - As soon as I finish a layout I make cards/tags with the scraps. Love to use ALL of a kit, no waste in this scraproom!!!
Anything else you want to tell share about your scrapping habits? - I collect chipboard embellishments. I have enough pp to circle the globe! I save every scrap!


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