Sunday Scribblings #11 - Mystery

Saturday, June 10, 2006

This weeks prompt is "Mystery". As per usual I read this and a million and one things jumped into my brain:

Who? What? Why? Where? When? How? huh?

For me the biggest mystery is LIFE.

Why are we here? What's life all about?

{insert Monty Pythons "meaning of life" song here! *chuckle}

Ok seriously though. Why? I mean there has to be some purpose otherwise what's the point? Why bother? I can get quite deep on occassion. No, really! The biggest question about life is what happens next? Is it pearly gates (or fiery damnation)? or do we get to go round again? or something else? Are we destined to end up as ghosts? Energy?

The human brain is so complex what DOES happen to it? Its the essence of US that makes it tick. Does that simply cease to be? Does it "go" - "somewhere"?

Its this that really makes me wonder about the validity of reincarnation. It does make total sense in lots of ways. Talk to me about seeing the light at the end of a tunnel? yeah maybe its a birth canal? and the shadowy figures you percieve as relatives? yeah maybe they are! just NEW relatives! or maybe old relatives renewed? hmmmm?

The whole human brain is so complex and still large parts of it are a complete mystery to us, so what's to say what IS and ISN'T possible for it? (I started off on a psychology tanget here but went back and deleted it - totally went off topic!) I mean we all go about our lives, childhood, teens, adults, old age and then ......? Is that it?

So for me LIFE is the biggest mystery. Why? because no-one can answer with absolute 100% proof as to what the heck the point is! And why we're here. Or even where we came from! Sorry I don't beleive in the Adam and Eve fairytale. But then there are so many missing evolution links! Maybe its the aliens? Yes I said it! Aliens! Maybe the aliens know?

Because lets face it - to quote another Monty Python song

"pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,

cos there's bugger all down here on Earth!"


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