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Friday, June 30, 2006

Well its Friday afternoon, I've just gotten out of the shower after having a nice afternoon swim in the pool. I casually browse through some sites and check to see if the Sunday Scribblings topic is up - and it is! And what a topic! Two Peas in a pod! I went to read some of the entries and notice how a few are startlingly similar to my own story! A story of friendship gone awry. Friendship lost.
My friendship with J spanned nearly 20 years. If I'm honest (and I will be) I think the last 5 of those were strained. Where did it go foul? I think it was a lot of things combined. Firstly after school we both pursued different paths. Different colleges, different courses, different lives, but we still kept our weekly girls night out. The big change really came when we went on vacation together to Kos. A girls vacation. Things really changed for both of us when we took that trip! But BIG changes happened when we got back! I reconciled with Bob, and my career as an aerobics instructor took off! J ended her relationship of 10 years and started University. The visits became more strained, more lack lustre, things had changed between us, something unspoken.
Two years later Bob and I got married. The nights out grew few and far between, we were both working, I had a husband, and she had University. Our priorities were different, I was settling down, and she was now starting to go out and party.
In 2001 Bob and I moved to the States, before we left we saw J one last time. I think part of me knew it would probably be the last time. Promises of coming over to see us, and keeping in touch. I wrote every couple of weeks initially, getting the occassional letter back, then the letters just stopped coming. I never gave up though, I kept trying, sending letters to her parents incase she'd moved. I found out 2 years ago she'd been through some tough times with a guy, and I phoned her parents. Eventually we got together on the phone, she promised to write and stay in touch but she never did. She had my phone numbers, address, emails, websites but never did contact me. I feel rejected, I miss the girls nights out we used to have, the friendship. Mostly I just miss having my best friend.
I made this album in April/May this year to document our friendship.


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