Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Am I the last to know about this? Bloglines? You just input the urls of the blogs you check and its tells you when they've been updated!!! Well that's a darn sight easier than me checking them all individually!!!
Well for those that know about it, or want to know about it, I added a subscribe button thingy to my sidebar ------>
That should sign you up to this blog! I update fairly regularly and I know I have lurkers ;) I can "see" you with my handy dandy tracker thingy (thats the technical term y'know!). So HI to the blog lurkers!
Ok back to the scrap table! Working on stuff for Crafty Keepsakes, scrapstreet and scrappy chick. As well as trying to get SOMETHING done for the upcoming Simple call. Good to be busy, its all good!


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