2nd marketing meeting

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Today we had our second marketing meeting. Todays meeting was all about goals. Did we acheive the goals we set for ourselves two weeks ago? I did! Even with flu! Though my goals were easily acheivable (just how goals should be!). I broke out my goals book today and actually WROTE in it! I figured 2006 so far has been an amazing year and to continue that success would be great! To SURPASS it would be amazing! I totted up the publications so far this year, and the DT kits, and wow they really add up! I'm looking at goals for the rest of this year, and as well as continuing with the Design Team projects I'd like to acheive:
  • Digital Kit for Crafty Keepsakes
  • Digital Christmas stuff for Scrapstreet
  • HOF entry STARTED!
  • Digital Kit MFS
  • Get my resume/portfolio site done!
As there is only EIGHT weeks left of this year I better get BUSY!


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