Monday, July 23, 2007

So I've had "magazine review" on my to-do list for a while but not got around to it, and well its because I haven't read many lately. But to give you a recap of my recent mags

Digital Scrapbooking Magazine - I still haven't made my mind up about the new digi mag. I'm holding out for a 'proper' issue with no staff introductions, as yet I haven't seen anything I don't already know, and the layouts aren't much different to other mags. Maybe it'll get better with more consumer feedback? Plus I still can't fathom why it's more expensive than Simple/CK...

Simple Scrapbooks - The July/August issue, I loved it. IMO by far the best issue in a long while. Lots of great layouts, some good articles and lots of eyecatching layouts. My favorite mag for a while.

SB etc - July. Another good one. Love SB etc. I wish they had a bigger reader gallery though (like most mags). Didn't really care much for the articles but creativity was definitely sparked by this issue. I like SB.etc cos of their range of styles. Each page you see something different.

Creating Keepsakes - had a quick flip through at the newstand whilst shopping in Vons last week. Nothing grabbed my interest so I put it back and got SB etc instead. Maybe its just not my style? I don't know. I've heard a few reports of people not liking the current CK issues. All mags go through this though right? I mean Memory Makers went through changes at the beginning of the year.

Scrapbook Dimensions - I got issue #2 a few weeks ago. First time I've seen this mag, and I like it! I think given a choice of this or digital scrapbook magazine I'd take this one. It's just aimed more for me in that it's hybrid. The articles were good and it definitely gave me lots of ideas. I like the fact that they offer online pdf mag and/or paper issues too. The main difference between this and other mags is the blending of digital and paper reviews and ads. Doing both digital and paper I loved everything in this mag.

Scrapbook & Cards Today - First time I've seen this mag in person (they do an online version too) and it's great. It's got a better quality feel than the regular mags like CK, MM or SS. Just sturdier. Both this and Scrapbook Dimensions reminded me of Correspondence/Paper ART magazine, thicker, higher quality magazine. Loved the issue and well I am slightly bias cos I'm in this one, but I liked the layouts and the articles.

So there you have it my brief summary of the mags I read lately.


Cindyg July 24, 2007 at 8:20 PM  

Totally agree with you on Scrapbook Dimensions - LOVE this mag!!

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