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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whenever I think of Spring I think of babies. Spring is after all the celebration of new life. The whole world seems to change so much during this time of year, and it seems my friends are no exception! It always seems to go in cycles that a bunch of women I know get pregnant around the same time (something in the water they say). It’s not often that I scrapbook baby photo’s, having no children myself, although I do occasionally scrapbook baby layouts for family and friends. Most of my scrapbooking friends are traditional scrapbookers, so I like to show them what they can do with digital and hybrid. There are many reasons I love digital and hybrid scrapbooking, but the main reason for me is convenience. I can prepare these cards ahead of time and simply print them out again and again. I’ll never run out of cards as long as I have cardstock/photo paper and ink.

One of my favorite things for hybrid is using digital templates. You have so many options: from sending the pure digital version (great for baby announcements!); printing the flattened jpg; or separating the elements, printing and layering and assembling the card traditionally.

  1. For this “welcome little one” card I used a digital template with text on a path, and a large embellishment area.
  2. Use clipping masks to link the digital papers to the template layers. I changed the card template slightly by adding a scallop frame element over the circle
  3. Add drop shadows on the frame for realism and flattened the image before printing.
  4. I printed the card as a flattened image, printing the card as one image onto white cardstock.
  5. Once printed, score and fold.
  6. Add traditional elements. For this card I chose a flower. I added a rhinestone center for that extra girly touch!
“Welcome little one” hybrid card by Di Hickman Supplies: “Oh Baby Girl” Digital Papers by Di Hickman Designs; Card Template by Di Hickman Designs; Scallop frame by Di Hickman Designs; Prima flower & gemstone, Photoshop

It seems that since all my friends discovered I scrapbook, I’ve become the ‘go to girl’ for cards, layouts and all manner of crafty things. Whether they just want a greeting card, a whole album making or in this case baby announcements. I will say that I really don’t mind because I love sharing my creativity with others. For this invitation I wanted a simple design, with all the relevant information

  • Design the invitation in your digital software program. I created this invitation the standard size of 4.25” wide x 5.5” high.
  • Create a layered look with different solid papers
  • For the scallop edge I used a digital template, simply resize as needed.
  • Add text to the image, using a variety of font sizes.

  • Once satisfied with the design, decide which elements will be layered for printing and add drop shadows. I decided that the pink and white panel would print layered together so I added a drop shadow to the white paper. I layered the scallop papers together and added drop shadows to the polka dot layer.
  • Arrange the items on the document as you wish them to print, and print onto cardstock or photo paper.
  • Trim out all the pieces paying attention to the scallop edges. Layer the pieces together and adhere.
  • Punch 2 holes in the top, thread ribbon through and tie into a bow.

“Baby Announcement” by Di Hickman
Supplies: “Oh Baby Girl” Digital Papers by Di Hickman Designs; sheer ribbon by one heart… one mind, Photoshop

One of the great things about making your own hybrid projects is being able to personalize the gifts whether that be a card, invite, gift bag or album. Being able to add little details like this make any project much more personal. This gift bag is small at only 4” high (not including handles) x 3” wide x 2” deep but it’s a perfect little bag for a pair of booties, a gift card set, or other small baby gift.

  1. Open the bag template and paper you want to use. Using a clipping mask link the layers together.
  2. Add elements to personalize your gift bag. Here I added a green paper, dotted paper, scallop frame and some text.
  3. Add drop shadows where appropriate.
  4. Print bag onto cardstock, or photo paper of your choice.
  5. Once dry, trim the bag along the solid edges, pay attention when cutting around the curved edges, you want a nice smooth edge.
  6. Score along the fold lines.
  7. Assemble the bag. Use adhesive to adhere the flap, then fold in the bottom.
  8. To add a hybrid element to the bag I added a flower and gemstone.

“Baby Announcement” by Di Hickman Supplies: “Oh Baby Girl” Digital Papers by Di Hickman Designs; Bag template by Di Hickman Designs; Scallop frame by Di Hickman Designs; Prima flower & gemstone, Photoshop

So next time you need invitations, a quick gift bag or any occasion card, think of popping onto your computer, using your digital supplies and simply printing off your own one of a kind creation!

This article was published in BellaScraps magazine, March 2008

Projects in this article were made with my "Oh Baby Girl" digital kit, and templates. All designs are available in my digital store


Lisbet June 24, 2008 at 3:07 PM  

Awake in the night and cannot sleep. Decided to get some inspiration for the week so I began to jump around on blogs to see if my eye can catch some new ways. I´m really happy that I came across your blog and I have stayed much longer then I should at your place. Thanks a million for all the inspiration.

Mchilly June 24, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

Nice design it's so wonderful for a baby girl :-)

Anonymous,  June 24, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

i love the first card!

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SBL Graphics September 16, 2008 at 12:05 AM  
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Image Masking June 20, 2011 at 4:25 AM  

Very wonderful design thank you so much!!!

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