2009 highlights (part 1)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I've decided to do a little year in review for 2009 lest I think I didn't do much this year :) I saw this on Elsie's blog and thought it was a good idea to highlight happening, events, and everyday moments from this year. Looking back one thing I definitely noticed is that this year we LIVED the moments rather than documented them. Really seeing that we took very few photo's this year and definitely going to be remedying that in 2010. So let's start with January - June 2009

January and February are always tough times for me. These are the months that I am full of gutso and have all these plans for the year ahead. For 2009 I wanted to get back my fitness and so that was my major goal for the first few months. I also vowed this year to get in the garden more, and I think I achieved that goal, the dogs of course love the garden and being out there with me. Inspecting critters, holes and generally being good guard dogs :)

In March I focused on fruits and vegetables in our garden and  was harvesting up a storm in the early months of the year! Here we see carrot, orange, chard and peas.

Another facet of gardening was us setting up a compost heap. Never did quite use this as much as I thought I would. Ended up being way too hot here  in the Summer to keep it damp enough to decompose.


Anyone who knows us knows we LOVE Indian food. We have some favorite restaurants and dishes but it's all good. Indian is pretty much always our first choice. This is a dish from one of our favorite places Royal Delhi Palace.


May saw more gardening as I added to my vegetable beds with some trellis for the upcoming Tomato season. I think looking back at the past years progress in the garden has shown that the latter part of the year (since I got flu) it's been pretty neglected :(


In May I managed to do some hard landscaping. That's slabs and gravel to us regular folk :) Just a little piece of work near the mailbox so that I can go out barefooted to get the mail again :)


May also saw the arrival of some wiggly little friends! I made a worm bin. Yep we are vermicomposters! This is just a plastic tote (freecycle) with holes drilled in it, newspaper, leaves, some soil/grit, food scraps and my worms :) Have to say that this has been an enjoyable project and I am almost ready to turn the bin out and see the results!


June I continued with my self portrait every month project. Loving the progression of this and hope to continue with it monthly throughout 2010. Seeing my hair like this makes me like my long hair, when it's whipping me in the face whilst exercising, not so much liking it then!


I don't think I shared this pic but this is after 6 months of working out and losing 25lbs. The start of my abs and when I got serious about getting my 6 pack. Really need to do some updated shots of this as I DO have ripped abs/obliques, you just gotta get them at the right angle to see the definition :) Promise to update in the new year with new workout progress pics.


 June was also the month we bought a BBQ for the back garden cook outs! Though we'd been to BBQs we'd never actually used one ourselves. Well check that off the list cos we have our own now. I get the feeling this will come in really handy througout 2010 when we are out and about in the RV!


Part 2 coming soon July - December

Why not do a photo recap of 2009 on your blog? Good to catch up and make some goals for the year ahead!



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