Fashion Friday: Livin' on the Wedge

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yep sung to the Guns n Roses song, this fall fashion is "livin' on the wedge" with wedge shoes making a comeback! I personally love wedges all heights and pretty much all styles. Mod Cloth showed some of their wedges this week, pics and links below, and my favorites are all those on the left, especially the Hawk Wedge! Yum! But at $120 and being made of leather they are a little out my budget and against my morals.

Wedges are abound though with lots turning up at Forever21, my favorite place for fashion for less! I am pretty sure we'll see wedges appearing in all stores over the next few weeks though! In Forever21 right now are these wedge options...

Strappy Wedges with elastic straps and a 1.5" heel. I think these are definitely a day - night wedge that could be used for both occasions. The elastic straps means they should be a snug fit and won't fall off either!
For a more dressy look how about these Pleated Leatherette Wedges. Definitely dressy but with the pleat they remain kinda quirky, softer and more feminine and less patent leather looking.
For something without the solid heel but with the feel of a wedge how about these Skyler Platform Heels from Forever21. They give the impression of a wedge but with a more dressy look. Plus priced at just $26 worth every penny I think! Definitely thinking about getting these myself.
Heels make our legs look longer and slimmer and I personally think we tend to look, feel and behave more feminine in heels rather than flats, they can give us more confidence. At least I know that true for me. Sure it takes a while to get used to walking in heels but most the time, like me, you're out in the evening in heels and it's not for long periods of time. Practice walking around the house in a pair of heels, or doing chores in heels. Not only does it break the shoes in, and give you "heel time" but it's just FUN too!

What's your 'go to shoe' for this season?



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