Thrifty Thursday: shoes

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So I was absent with a Thrifty Thursday post last week, mostly because I was sick last Tuesday with some weird 24hr stomach bug that just knocked me off my feet. I can handle most illnesses my body throws at me but vomiting is not one of them, I need my food! Anyway making up for it as on the Thursday last week I took a trip to both thrift stores here in town and got a nice haul of goodies to share over the upcoming weeks! Today though, I want to share these shoes I bought for $3.98 at our local thrift store.

I've always loved "clunky" shoes. From Dr Martin boots, to platforms, wedge heels and anything with a good solid heel/sole. Another thing I love is a more rounded toe rather than pointy toe, I don't like my toes getting squidged. So when I saw these shoes at the local thrift store I figured I'd check if they were my size, and man made materials (I don't wear leather). And SCORE they checked out on both counts, so I tried them on and quickly added them to my cart!

Brown leather look clunky style shoe, with a faux strap and little zip on the inside for a snugger fit. These will work well for when I want the look of a boot under trousers/jeans but not the bulk. Honestly at under $4 how could I NOT buy them? They are in such good shape with LOTS of life left in them still! I guess they'd work well with skirts too?

After I got them home and rubbed off the sale price from the heel I noticed that these are Sketchers shoes! For those not in the know, Sketches shoes usually retail around $45 a pair! Double SCORE!

The only downside is that they are quite heavy, not something I am used to, and they irritated my plantar fasciitis when I wore them at the weekend :( Guessing a combination of the weight of the shoe and the heel height, so I am going to get some cushioned inserts and break them in gently. Either way, worth the $4 investment and a good reminder that you can pick up high street brands for a fraction of the cost at thrift stores! 

Coming up soon: t-shirts galore! My t-shirt haul at Goodwill!


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