Halloween & Holiday do-dads

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Halloween has just been and gone and I meant to tell you all about our focus for Halloween. We give out candy, but we also do small do-dads. We were the talk of the neighborhood a few years back when we were the first in our street to give out glow sticks. We had the little connector to make them into bracelets or necklaces too. They were such a hit we've done them every year since. This year we went with a different vendor on Amazon and bought the Lumistick 8 and found that they were shorter and better for kids! The little kids could slip them on and off easier, and they weren't too unwieldy for popping into candy bags. It could just be me but they seemed brighter than regular glow sticks too!

This year Bob decided to add a little to the Halloween festivities and he ordered some Finger Flashlights. These were a HUGE HIT!!! Each pack contained a green, red ,blue and white Finger Flashlights. Instant hit with the kids, and parents!!! I wore these till we had none left to give out which isn't long when we have over 100 trick or treaters each year. The lights basically have a small loop of elastic to slip over your finger and a little switch on top to turn on and off.
The reason I decided to post about these (finally) is that party season is coming up!!! Both of these products would be GREAT for holiday parties! We always have glow sticks left over (unused duh!) and I saved 2 sets of the finger flashlights so I can use them myself for parties AND Spin classes :) Yep these are gonna be GREAT for the holiday spinning classes! Green and Red for Christmas, White for New Year, Red and White for Valentines day, Red, White and Blue for 4th July etc!!! How cool are these? I also have plans to pinch some of the glow sticks for a future featured Spin session but don't tell Bob!

Anyway just letting you know about these cos we loved em! I only promote products I love and I am cuckoo over these Finger Flashlights. I will add too that Bob saved a couple of the white ones for doing his electronic projects! They are perfect for spotlights right at your finger tips!!!

Anyway More reviews and featured projects coming up as soon as I find more stuff I love.


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