Doing a happy dance!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yes you read that right, I'm doing a happy dance! Why? Because I got a new iPhone! An iPhone 4! You'll know from previous blog posts, tweets and my facebook updates that I LOVE my iPhone, seriously, LOVE! Anyway last week Bob new phone and I got his old one. Yeah I always get his hand-me-downs but it's usually an upgrade for me so I am super happy. In this case I am VERY happy!

There isn't a great deal difference between the 3g and the 4, but it's enough for me to be over the moon happy with it. My 3GS was slow. I didn't have that many apps on there, but it was slow, and apps crashed a lot. Especially social media apps which I use a lot. Anyway after Bob spent a little while setting it up how I like it, and backing up my existing phone then moving all the data over I got to play and decided I was in heaven!

Firstly it's fast, very fast. Like! Secondly, it looks so good! Seriously, games are awesome on it ;) So clear! Like! Thirdly: FACETIME! Yes video calling is now an option for me :) I LOVE this! Hardly used it but WOW so cool! Bob facetimed me yesterday and I showed him the mail, and the dogs etc. So fun! LOVE!!! Lastly: much improved camera! Flash and zoom for starters!!! Also self portrait option! LOVE!

All in all, I thoroughly have to say I LOVE my iPhone 4. Only had it 3 days and I wouldn't want to go back to the 3GS! If you have someone you love who is a techie and needs a new phone get them an iPhone 4 for Christmas! Seriously, do it! They will love you forever!


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