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Friday, January 7, 2011

New article is up and available for viewing at, my article project is below. This month I am sharing a project I made in November 2010 to use in December 2011. I know most people go from 1st Jan - 1st Jan but for this I wanted to start a little earlier on my 39th Birthday, so I could journal my thoughts through to my 40th Birthday in 2011.

My article this month is all about getting outside your "style" box and I think I did that with this project. Totally not my usual style. I realized the reason I never keep a journal long term is I have this strange desire to make it perfect. I need it all linear, all written nicely, and so it continues for a few months then the desire to journal wanes.

I am hoping that making this journal more fluid and adaptable that I lose that desire for perfection. I want to be more free flowing with my thoughts. I have enough regimented life in my fitness career I don't need the same in my crafting. I love having this free flowing design, being able to add as I go, drawing items from daily life and incorporating them into my journal.

I even included some packaging materials, which for me is a HUGE step! None of the pages are organized and I have partial pages too, which is something I never usually do. In all this project is a turning point. I love the art and design of Cathy Zeilske but also love the free flowing design of Ali Edwards, plus the messy techniques of Donna Downey. I'm hoping that by embracing the styles of all 3 I can learn to let go of my desire for perfection in crafts.

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Sabrina Mix January 7, 2011 at 4:03 PM  

To let go the perfection desire is a huge step, Di!

Congratulations to get into it!



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