Sponsor Info

I am happy to accept and promote sponsors who fit with the ethos of crafting, especially recycled crafts and handmade craft stores like Etsy but also health, beauty and fashion. This is a personal blog and as such the topics include my passions but I also appreciate that my readers have other interests so if you feel that your company fits in well with my blog, just email at dihickman@gmail.com and we can discuss it :)

Ads are switched out mid-month on the 15th, running for one whole month. The blog format means I have multiple options for ad sizes and placement. All the colored portions below are potential ad/sponsor sites.

Fees & Sizes
Because I believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to advertise not just the 'big dogs' and because as I said this is 'bonus income' for me, I am keeping my fees reasonable and variable according to placement and size. If you would like to discuss booking an ad please email me: dihickman@gmail.com

Red - ONE sponsor per month
  • Size: 300 x 300 px
  • fee: 1 month = $25

Pink - TWO sponsors per month (minimum: 1 placement per week) & bonus 125x125 purple ad
  • Size: 400 x 200 px
  • fee: 1 month = $15

Orange - Multiple sponsors
  • Size: 125x12px
  • fee: 1 month = $10; 3 months = $25
For other ad placements please contact me for further details by emailing dihickman@gmail.com

Post Sponsor or Review
Alternatively if you would like to sponsor a blog post, with items for review or offering a prize for my blog readers please feel free to contact me further to discuss details by emailing dihickman@gmail.com

I'm very thankful for the support of my sponsors and readers.