Closer Closer!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Its nearly here! In 24 hours we'll be at the airport getting Bobs parents! Yikes! At least they now have a bed to sleep on! The guest room is ready and waiting, just got to clean the rest of the house! lol! I bathed the dogs today, and filed their nails, just teeth cleaning to do and they are pampered and preened ready for granny and gramps to visit!
We are nearly set for Christmas! Bob is going out later to fill the van will gas (for aiport run) and will pick up more beer tonight. Must have beer! We have enough food in the house to feed an army, and today we bought more still. Had Bob had his way we'd be cooking all day Sunday!
Today we did a charitable thing and dropped off 2 boxes of kitchenware and 4 bin liners of clothes! Yes 4! Bob had all his old clothes from when he was larger still in his closet. If the last week has taught me anything its that my hubby throws nothing away! He is changing though.
Signed up for the birthday group on 2peas, I LOVE making cards. Hopefully I'll get chance to update over xmas! Have a great time everyone!


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