Mega Mail day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So today was a GREAT mail day! Turning into a good week really!

  1. So last Wednesday Bob and I were watching "America's next top model" on tv and they were down to the last 3. Elimations were up and it was Nicole and Bre. I really didn't want Nicole to go, and Bob thought that Nicole would be going so we made a bet ;) $50 for Nicole to go, he said. Lol! I won! Soon after I ordered 3 books I'd been after on amazon. Got them today! Ali Edwards - Eye on Design, Donna Downeys - decorative journals, Cathy Zeilske - clean and simple scrapbooking. Wow I LOVED Donna's book! So manny cool ideas! Packed full of cute and great stuff! Ali's book I'm reading through now, and I haven't touched Cathys yet! And my head is just BRIMMING with ideas!
  2. Also today I got my altoid tin from Linda to do the free class at big picture scrapbooking! Hurrah!
  3. Yesterday I got my RAK from Heather (BooBugBear), thanks heather! Some cool MM stuff, and some sweet Junkitz! AND C-O-O-K-I-E-S !!! What a birthday week! Yippee!
  4. I took a break from reading my books to continue work on a layout for the call at Reality Scrapbooking. I love the page I ended up making. Can't post it cos it has to be a previously unseen page. Most the stuff I've been doing lately is all secret hush hush stuff. I have one layout I can post soon that I also love. And I have to give that one away!
  5. We are moving along nicely with the bathroom renovations. I scraped and sanded off the old adhesive around the bath, and tonight Bob replaced the mixer fixture adapter valve thingy. We had to turn the water off at the street as our stop valve is leaky! Another thing on our to-do list.
So I am sitting in my office earlier just thinking "Crap I have 10 days to sort this room out and its a MESS! I so wanna keep scrapping


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