5000 posts and agility!

Monday, December 12, 2005

So Mondays usually fly by for me... As usual I drop Bob off at Chris' for carpooling, then head to grocery shopping at Trader Joes. Today I needed to go to Vons too, and pop into Joanns. Anyway by the time I get back its the morning gone. Lunch, then I take River to the park, then Sky to agility class. Only Sky does agility because well basically River is a lazy dog, and it took me a year to get her onto a table, and into a tunnel! I figure another year she'll be doing jumps, and another 2 years for the teeter and weaves. Anyway todays class was awesome! Sky did really well! A little zoomy rocket! Definately lived up to her name "Sky Rocket in Flight".
Also today I hit 5000 posts on 2peas! This means I get to choose a pea title! Yippee! Now what shall I pick?


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