Friday, December 16, 2005

So its my birthday, I am 34 today! After trying unsuccessfully to get good tree shots I am settling with yesterdays (for now). So Bob bought me a nintendo ds! With nintendogs! I have only played it for 20 mins but so far "spot" my beagle knows "sit". Fun to play. I also got a t-shirt with "chixor" on it! lol! Thats me! I also got money which lead to this:
My shopping haul from this morning. Lots of paper, some stickers, prima flowers, heidi swap (when did they start stocking HS in Joanns?), baubles, ribbon, MM rub-ons (cos ya can never have too many). And photo turns. What is it with me and photo turns? I have them in just about EVERY color but have yet to use a SINGLE ONE! lol! Anyway my stash kinda pulled me through this mornings bad news. :( Zoe isn't coming over to visit us with Bobs parents on the 24th. I am seriously bummed out right now :( I wasn't going to go to Joanns/Beverleys but just had to (plus I had coupons running out), so the Prima's are an impulse buy, along with the rub-ons. I'll use em eventually but dang I'd rather have my "dangerous sister" with me for 2 weeks!

So Bob also said that as soon as they are in stock I can have one of the wishblade type cutter things :) I'll probably go for the craftrobo one as it seems you can print with it at the same time as cut! But then I hear its harder to use... decisions!


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