Thursday, December 15, 2005

So there was a challenge at some point to list the Holiday traditions. Well we don't really have any. Each year it seems changes, maybe that's our tradition? I do know that usually I don't put the tree etc up until the 17th. My birthday is the 16th and I like to have birthday things up, my cards and gifts etc all out for view. Then the 17th starts the holiday season for me. But I started early this year, the tree is up (partially decorated, and the wreath is on the door, and the lights are up outside the house). Because this year we'll have Bobs parents visiting (they arrive on the 24th) and his sister too. So we'll have a big celebration. We have had family for the last few years, starting with Bobs sister, then my parents, and now Bobs parents. Its their first time in America so look out America! lol!
So traditions aside from the decorating: no-one opens presents until Christmas morning. We will have a small gift exchange on yule (21st) but the main gift giving has been on the 25th (due to family being here then); I have the rule that everyone has to have breakfast first, this is from my mother though and my love of breakfast, it wakes me up; Usually I hand out the presents and then we open them. I cook lunch (with Bobs assistance) and we eat a big lunch around 1pm. We're veggie so we'll have a tofurkey (or similar) some veggie ham, mash potatoes, veggies, yorkshire pudding, stuffing, saus wrapped in bacon, and anything else Bob thinks of! Topped with gravy, and with mint or apple sauce. Yum; the dishwasher gets put on, and we watch tv (usually the old movies). Having read some blog entries about traditions I think we're ready to start our own.
Well I'm off to finish trimming the tree, tidying up and thinking what to do for dinner later. Where did this morning go? I will leave you will a small sample of our tree, as yet I haven't got a decent photo of the whole thing. Keep trying Di!


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