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Friday, March 3, 2006

...paper bag books. Current book is a "red hat society" book. I'm enjoying getting back into creating these! Happy with the way its turning out. Bob came home sick today (and I thought we were both getting better - I feel great today!), so I'm having to create quietly. Which means no sewing machine, so I'm peicing it all together then I'll sew in one batch. I tell ya, its easier having the sewing machine set up now on my rolling trolley! Just switch over and its done.
I went to Treasured Memories today (not so local scrap store) as their website claims they have the new basic grey! But they haven't! Grrrrr. Not nice driving all that way IN THE RAIN and stupid drivers who were apparantly out to kill me! I did get some new papers from "Paper Loft" and the new 2ofakind line by Kelly Panicci. I've had the unique line for a while (yeah its one of those 'get round to it' layouts in my head) and the 2ofakind papers and stickers are gonna be great for a book I plan on doing about Bob and I, and our quirks. Now I just have to decide on a size!
Oh also I now have decent photo printer paper! Yay! At office depot last week they had their own brand photo paper on offer buy 1 get 2 free! Well not one to pass it up I got some, took it home and tried it. It seemed ok, for the money, y'know, then I caught the print and it PEELED OFF! WTH? So I tried different settings, leaving it overnight (and then 2 nights) and it still scratched off. So I took it all back, and got canon paper, which prints beautifully :) Just in time to make 2 layouts (for the dogs albums) which I entered into a competition.


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