Monday, March 6, 2006

I haven't journalled for one month. Then today I get a newsletter from the 5yearjournal and it contains 17 journalling tips, a couple stood out for me that I wanted to remember.

  • Write in your journal freely. Do not worry about how it looks, or even grammar and spelling errors. Write how you want, what you want, and where you want.
  • Writing a word, sentences, paragraphs or pages, journaling whatever you have to say that day, is just the right amount to write.
  • Part of keeping a journal is skipping a day, a week, and even months.
I restarted my journal, ideally I want to do an art journal again, restart the creativity.

In other news B and I are stopping our subscriptions to Warcraft. Honestly I know at times I'll find it tough BUT I really want to concentrate on scrapbooking. I love creating things, and getting published. Also I really think its eaten into my photography time, I really want to get out and get some photography done, and start interacting with real people not just online peeps ;) The biggest problem with WoW endgame is that I don't want to spend 5 hours in an instance 'raiding' for the CHANCE of getting some gear. The only other option is rerolling another character and honestly I'm bored of it. Maybe in 3 - 6 months I'll get a gamecard and play a little, or when the expansion comes out, but for now I'd rather scrapbook.

Oh I got my prize today from creatingwithpaper from the Jan contest, its a pack of MM washer words "journey" :) its a small prize but heck ITS MINE! and hey who doesn't love new embellishments?


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