Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I spent a little time today sorting out some paper bag book kits. I love making these books and the kits have been selling well on ebay, and heck it gives me some extra $$. If you want to take a look go the the links to the right ----->
My priority mail boxes arrived today, so I can start making some page kits too! Y'know in my "spare" time! lol!

Other than that I am getting a little better, B was off Monday and Tuesday with a bug and I got it :( Naturally I cussed him out for sharing ;) All I did this morning was take a shower and do some online work, looking at upcoming submission calls and contests. I did manage to walk the dogs this afternoon! They are still climbing the walls cos I won't let them in the back yard till its dried out more. I just know that Sky will be out trouncing around in the mushiest mud she could find then dragging it all round the house! Until it dries its the side yard or inside.


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