I'm back with day 15 challenge

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ok so I have done day 15 today! Up to date and just need to link it all up. Todays really spoke to me:- "good habits result in resisting temptation". So very true. So my biggest temptation. This thing, this computer! How time just flies once you get into the virtual world! So I took a photo of how the desk is right now (notice the glass of water - another habit I'm trying to form!) and I put 2peas website on the screen as that is the message board I frequent most. But my other weakness is blogs. In fact just the internet in general. I stopped my world of warcraft subscription on April 2nd as I just spent too much time playing that also (another HUGE time sink!). If things aren't getting done around here now then its ME that's the problem! The page is cg (including Rhonna's quote) with handwritten journalling. Weird how I prefer using handwritten journalling on these pages yet on my layouts I hate it!


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